The concept may not be new, but cloud computing has become the new marketing buzzword and everywhere you look, its cloud this and cloud that! In this short article, I will give you 4 reasons why your business should not ignore this great technology.

Cloud Computing means a few different things to different people, but in this article, I refer mainly to the idea of Software as a Service (SaaS). For example;

Your company needs e-mail, rather than worry about expensive servers, software licensing, support and maintenance; a cloud solution will deliver the e-mail service to you at a fixed monthly fee per user. That’s it!
As you may know, when drawing a diagram of computer systems, we use a cloud to symbolize the Internet. Essentially, the “clouds”are located in one or many data center around the world. These physical locations provide physical security, redundant power, super cooling and extremely fast and redundant connectivity.
Asia-Pacific-Data-Centre Data Centre
Why consider the clouds?

1. No capital Outlay
Moving to the cloud has the potential to save you lots of money! Servers and the endless costs associated with upgrading and maintaining them is one of the top reasons to look to the clouds.

2. Scalability – grow as you need to
In traditional computing environments, if you grew faster than you planned for, when purchasing your IT equipment you would have to repurchase more powerful Servers to accommodate the growth. You may also have overspent on your original Servers and found that you had not been able to grow at the rate you had planned. Cloud changes all of this – most SaaS (software as a service) offerings are billed on a per user basis. This allows any start-up or growing business to pay only for what they use today, and scale when necessary in the future.

3. Reliability
How reliable is your IT systems? Where your business operates in multiple physical locations, having to maintain an IT Infrastructure that is accessible 24/7 and from anywhere is an expensive business. One takes for granted physical security, power and internet connectivity, especially in the time of an outage when your regional offices are unable to continue conducting their normal business.

Making it possible to have instant access to business critical information from anywhere, anytime and from any of your devices is becoming increasing important to maintain your competitive edge.

4. Try before you buy!
When it comes to IT systems, most businesses purchase expensive software and hardware before truly understanding the business value these new systems will provide. Instead of investing large amounts of money into your infrastructure, an SaaS approach allows you to test drive business software first, and then make a more informed decision.

The technical aspects may remain a bit “cloudy”, but the benefits of cloud computing are clear. It is an IT solution that decreases costs while increasing reliability.

Solid Systems offers cloud services as simple as Microsoft Hosted Exchange or as complex as all your Servers in the clouds…Got any questions? Feel free to contact us.