Are you living your best possible life?

At Solid Systems, we’re all about empowering our humans, and our clients, to live their best lives.

When you work at Solid, it’s about more than just a job. It’s about growing as a person, reaching your full potential, and exceeding your own expectations, no matter which position you’re applying for. It’s about a culture of connecting and building human relationships.

Want to find out more about what this means? Read on.

Our Mission

By building a human-centric partnership, we ensure that the technology of businesses is secure & supported

Technology has a huge role to play in helping businesses increase productivity & work smarter rather than harder. We use strategic technology planning to ensure that every cent our clients spend with us has measurable business outcome.

Our Vision

Strengthen human connections to make a positive impact in people's lives

We know life isn't about the job you do. It's about your achievements, the way you spend your time, and the legacy that you leave behind. At Solid, we leverage technology to see both our humans and our clients living their best lives.

Our Rituals

Company culture based on human relationships

It's when we work together, combining our skills & passions, that we are strongest. At Solid, every human has their own story, and we have rituals like Random Acts of Coffee, Awards Ceremonies & Themed Lunches that help us connect on a human level.

What do you love most about working at Solid Systems?

Below are just some of the values we believe in:

We Are Human, Not Robots

As humans, we want to connect with each other. We want to understand each other’s needs, fears, and ambitions, and provide solutions that go beyond problem-fixing, but exceed our clients' expectations.

Always Learning & Always Growing

At Solid, a growth mindset isn't just an invaluable asset. It's part of our DNA. We encourage the pursuit of further learning, and reward you for both personal and professional growth.

We Aren't Scared Of Making Mistakes

There is not a single person on earth who is perfect, and we don't expect you to be. Making mistakes is part of being human. What's important is how you learn from them and use them to grow.

Building Honest Relationships

Whether it's relationships between team mates, or with our clients, we believe in being transparent, trustworthy and supportive in everything that we do and helping whenever and however we can.

Always Looking For New Solutions

At Solid, there's a workaround for every obstacle and we love to see you think outside the box, looking at situations from different angles, and finding new ways to take action.

Embrace An Ever-Changing World

The world may be changing. But when it comes to technology, that's nothing new. Tech never stands still for long, and at Solid, we're always looking forward to the opportunity that change presents.

We take pride in our people and those that join our family can enjoy the many rewards.

Above average leave which increases over time


Guaranteed annual salary increase

Personal development & opportunities to increase skills & certifications

Study allowance & study leave

Best equipment & tools

Yearly retreats

Ongoing performance bonuses

Volunteer Hours

We want to see you succeeding from wherever you are in the world.
But we do have hybrid offices in two of the most beautiful, hip & happening cities in South Africa.

Cape Town

Address: Dynamic Technologies House, 2 Venus St, Melrose Estate, Johannesburg, 2196

Phone: +27 21 110 0000

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