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The dawn of the digital age brought along with it an abundance of data. In the 21st century, it has become common practice for almost everyone in the world to create, share, and store data across multiple devices or platforms. Since the explosion of the Internet, technological advancements have continuously evolved to capture data, organize it on a large scale, and extract value from it. According to a recent study, the digital data generated worldwide will grow from 33 zettabytes in 2018, to a staggering 175 zettabytes by 2025! 

But along with creating such an abundant amount of information comes the problem of data theft and cyberattacks. For a business to survive and thrive, it needs to address these concerns while also following data compliance measures to a tee. Meeting the standards of cybersecurity compliance and data privacy in their respective industries has increasingly become the need of the hour for businesses across the globe.

That’s where IT companies and professionals like Solid Systems come in. We specifically create systems that maintain data security and privacy for businesses. And the first step that we take is to run a cybersecurity audit and compliance analysis.

The Solid Systems Cybersecurity Audit and Compliance Solution

What is a cybersecurity compliance audit and what does it involve?

A cybersecurity compliance audit analyses the data that a business stores, ensuring that it is secure from outside interference, but accessible to those who need access to it. We also ensure that it is stored in compliance with a wide range of regulations, which can often differ from country to country.

Solid Systems’ cybersecurity audit and compliance solutions follow three simple mantras:

Know your Data

We take an in-depth look at your company’s data to identify meaningful information across your cloud and on-premises environments.

Protect your Data

Once sensitive information is identified, we apply a consistent set of data loss prevention policies. This safeguards the information through protective actions like encryption, visual markings, access restrictions, and more. 

Govern your Data

We monitor your sensitive data, preventing and addressing any suspicious activity, while managing the lifecycle of your information. This ensures that no essential data is lost, and no personal information is kept unnecessarily.

All of this takes place in conjunction with intelligent record-keeping through automated policies, in-place management, and pre-built data connectors to strengthen your control over your data.

What Are The Top Benefits Of Conducting A Cybersecurity Compliance Audit?

Laws and regulations like GDPR and POPI protect the privacy of the personal data that private companies collect, restricting what can be stored and how. By performing a cybersecurity compliance audit, you can ensure that your business remains compliant, which carries with it a number of benefits:

Manage Business Risk

Any business storing sensitive information carries a certain amount of risk for its security. Performing a compliance audit ensures that the risk is as low as possible.

Avoid Regulatory Fines

It is critical for businesses to comply with regulations, as violating legislations can attract hefty penalties of either 4% of a business’ annual turnover, or 20 million Euros — whichever is higher.

Protect Your Reputation And Brand

More important than protecting your business’ revenue by avoiding fines, by ensuring that your data is secure, you will be protecting your reputation and brand, ensuring that your clients’ data is safe and maintaining their loyalty and trust.

Uncover Better Data

Find the most relevant and impactful data for your business with thorough analysis that can highlight the importance of particular resources, assets and data.

Make Better Decisions

With the right information in your hands, you will be able to make more informed decisions to boost any company’s operational efficiency.

Your data’s security has never been more important. Make sure that it’s safe and sound!

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Solid System’s Four-Stage Compliance Audit


At Solid Systems, we not only maintain your data, keeping it backed up and secure, but we also monitor it for new or existing risks to your systems. To ensure your cybersecurity compliance, our audit and compliance solutions take place over a four-stage process that covers all grounds. These stages are:

Discovering And Detecting Data

We analyse your data to highlight valuable details and insights that can help you boost your ROI.

Classification Of Data

We evaluate and tag data through retention and sensitivity labels, and data classification, ensuring that the right people have access to the right information.

Protection Of Data

We employ advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies to precisely identify, monitor, and protect all the sensitive information across your on-premises environment and in the cloud.

Monitoring Data

We provide a single, simple-to-use management portal to configure and manage your data storage policies.

Make Sure You're Compliant


With over 18 years of experience in helping businesses to manage their technology, Solid Systems is perfectly placed to help you with Cybersecurity Compliance Audit to suit your needs. We’re just a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Since 2003, we have specialised in delivering leading technology solutions and offering guidance to organisations in South Africa and abroad, in the most human way possible.

We love technology and the exciting ways that it evolves, and are constantly improving the tools that we use. But humans are at the heart of our business. That’s why we value each relationship and prioritise a personal approach, finding solutions that deliver results for your company in the best way possible.

With our highly skilled and passionate professionals behind us, and the latest and most sophisticated tools at their disposal, we ensure that the businesses we work with are constantly evolving, and can step into the future with confidence.

    Frequently asked questions

    How often should a company perform a cybersecurity compliance audit?

    As data and privacy laws evolve continuously, new regulations are being introduced frequently. Compliance auditing, therefore, should not be seen as a one-off exercise. Businesses today need a cybersecurity solution that can continuously monitor data and compliance, and ensure that it remains safe from any risks.

    What is the difference between a compliance audit and a Solid Systems Review?

    Our cybersecurity audit and compliance analysis forms part and parcel of our larger Solid Systems Review. But Systems Reviews come in different sizes according to your need, and if cybersecurity is your primary focus, our Basic Solid Systems Review is the perfect place to start.

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