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Risk Mitigation
IT Risk Management

6 Risk Mitigation Strategies That Any Business Can Benefit From

Everything in life comes with risk attached to it. From the moment you take your first steps, which comes with a risk of falling over, …

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Data Protection

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Business Continuity Plan

The business world has drastically changed over the past two decades. Technology has become more advanced, while at the same time becoming more accessible. The …

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IT Risk Management for small business
IT Risk Management

The 6 Stages of IT Risk Management

Businesses face and manage risks at every turn. The act of running a business in today’s world is a risk in and of itself, in …

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Data Management System
Data Protection

7 Roles Behind a Holistic Data Management System

When many companies think of data, one overarching area comes to mind: data security. And it’s easy to understand why! With regulations like South Africa’s …

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Advanced Persistent Threat
IT Security

Could You Be the Victim of an Advanced Persistent Threat?

Threats to businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Even when you look at cyberattacks in particular, two attacks can carry very different weight depending …

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IT Services That Could Be Outsourced
Modern Workplace

8 IT Services That Could Be Outsourced

When it comes to IT, going it alone is not always the most cost-effective, or the most beneficial, course of action. Businesses around the world, …

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Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business
IT Risk Management

5 Advantages of Disaster Recovery Plans That You Can’t Ignore

No one wants to think about disaster striking. It’s enough to set off a panic attack, particularly in the current global climate. But when it …

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Fast Learning

7 Security Tips for Working Remotely

Back in the old days, the biggest threat to our home computers were viruses. They would cause chaos, destroying personal effects like photographs and the …

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Cloud Computing

The Impact of a Well Thought Out Cloud Migration Strategy

Time and time again providers (like us) talk about the value in moving your systems to the cloud. The benefits of using cloud services are …

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