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There was a time when you could prevent most cyber threats from wreaking havoc by installing anti-virus solutions on your systems. That, however, is no longer the case because data is not being stored on individual machines these days. Instead, it is stored in the cloud and transmitted over networks. This means your mode of protection has to change as well.

That’s why you need to use Microsoft Threat Protection services like Microsoft 365 ATP and Microsoft 365 Defender. From the moment your employees and customers first sign-on, Microsoft Threat Protection provides continuous coverage to protect your business against the full spectrum of attacks. These solutions leverage advanced technologies to provide you with security that adapts and evolves as hackers do.

What is Advanced Threat Protection?

To ensure holistic protection across your network and data, Microsoft has developed a range of services that protects everything from your files in the cloud, to your devices, to your identities, and apps.  Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) services have become one of the most widely recognised and used in the world, largely because they:

Features of Threat Protection

Now that you know what Microsoft ATP is, let’s go over some features offered by the solution:

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Identity protection

With Microsoft Threat Protection services, you will be able to manage and control employee identities and ensure that only authorised people have access to your systems and company data.

Endpoint security

With Microsoft Threat Protection, you are assured enhanced and efficient security to protect all of the devices that your teams may be using wherever they are around the world.

Cloud app control

Microsoft Threat Protection helps you to maintain control over business apps that your company uses and ensures that the data within them remains secure at all times.

Email security

Malicious emails and documents can act as cyber threats. Microsoft Threat Protection eliminates threats before they reach your infrastructure or disrupt your workflow.

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Threat Protection?

Businesses that use Microsoft Threat Protection services, like Microsoft 365 ATP, will be able to access a completely integrated, end-to-end platform that will provide overall protection against attacks. Here’s a look at some of the key benefits of Threat Protection:

Run Simulation Attacks

How secure is your IT infrastructure? Microsoft Threat Protection allows you to create multiple scenarios for testing your network and infrastructure security. It also helps you understand where further staff training is required. This ensures that your systems are always fully secure and that your employees are aware of what cyber attacks look like, and how they should react to them.

Benefit From Preventative Action

You don’t have to wait for a threat to occur before you identify the weak points in your network security. Microsoft Threat Protection offers you regular device health and compliance reports. These can give you an understanding of how secure your network is. Plus, they can help you understand how your endpoints affect network security and the protection of your data.

Business Hour Rules

In this extremely competitive business environment, you don’t want to have cybersecurity risks looming over you, threatening to impact both growth and customer retention. With Microsoft Threat Protection, you can rest assured that your users, as well as data and information, are secure across the cloud at all times.

Why Choose Solid Systems

Since we are increasingly becoming dependent on online solutions to do business, it is essential to invest in the right security solutions. This will ensure that your business data is never compromised. With over 18 years of experience, and being a Microsoft-certified partner, we can help you protect your IT infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about the many cyber threats that are constantly evolving.

At Solid Systems, we take a three-pronged approach when implementing Microsoft 365 Threat Protection:


We evaluate your existing technology and network to identify areas that may already be posing risks to your business’ security.


We find the best protection strategy for your business, and determine which aspects of Microsoft Threat Protection services will you offer the most value.


We ensure that your systems are protected and your teams are trained in what Microsoft Defender ATP is, how it works, and know what to do when threats arise.

Microsoft Threat Protection is here to defend
your systems and data, both on your
machines and in the cloud.

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With over 18 years of experience in helping businesses to manage their technology, Solid Systems is perfectly placed to help you with protecting your systems from threat. We’re just a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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