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How Cloud Storage Makes Data Management, Sharing, Syncing, and Recovery Efficient

These days, with many businesses opting for a remote workforce, there is more need than ever for a storage solution that will allow for effective, efficient and secure data management and file sharing. After all, companies need to ensure that day-to-day operations are smooth and easy and that their employees have access to the documents that they need no matter where they are in the world, or what device they may be using. This is where cloud storage comes in.

Cloud storage is a reliable, secure computing service model where data is stored at a centralised remote data centre, and can be accessed by authorised users anytime, from anywhere, via the Internet or a dedicated private network connection. When you work with Solid Systems to migrate your data to the cloud:

Which are the Cloud Storage products that Solid Systems offers?

As your cloud service provider, Solid Systems will host, manage, and maintain servers, along with all other corresponding infrastructure, to ensure that your business’ data and files are safe from cyber threats, while remaining accessible to you whenever you need it.

While many companies offer cloud storage buying solutions, connecting with Solid Systems will not only ensure that you get excellent service but will allow you to discuss your existing IT infrastructure to get the best cloud storage solution for your business.

We pride ourselves on providing out-of-the-box solutios to fit your company’s needs, which is why our range of cloud storage services include:

Cloud Storage for File Syncing and Collaboration

Microsoft OneDrive lets you access your data on any device through desktop apps for Windows and Mac, mobile apps for iOS and Android, or simply through your favourite web browser. It offers a consistent, reliable, intuitive experience and, in conjunction with SharePoint, powers data collaboration across Microsoft 365 and helps in managing and protecting files across platforms like Teams, Outlook, and Yammer. When you use Microsoft 365 OneDrive and SharePoint, you can rest assured that your data is safe and securely stored on the cloud platform, automatically syncing, and accessible from any location.

Azure File Storage

Azure File Storage solutions offer secure, durable, scalable and compliant cloud data storage. They are fully managed file-sharing systems on a cloud platform, which can be accessed through an industry-standard Network File System (NFS) protocol or Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. Migrate your on-premises data to Azure without managing the file server virtual machines, and access it from Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Azure File Sync on Windows Servers also allows your Azure data to be cached, making it quickly accessible.

Azure Blob Storage

Azure’s Binary Large Objects (Blob) Storage helps you store a large amount of unstructured data, including images, documents, videos and even backlog files.

Cloud Backup for Servers & Computers

With Solid Systems’ cloud storage Microsoft services, you can use a single online dashboard to manage cloud backup facilities for servers and computers. You will never need to worry about data access or team collaboration as you will be able to schedule backups, check their statuses, or recover data from sources like OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft 365 Exchange, Workstations, and both physical and virtual servers.

Customisable and Highly Scalable Solutions

Customisation is one of the areas where Microsoft Teams excels. Your teams can tailor the software to meet their unique requirements, and the range and availability of tools means that you’ll never run out of options. While Microsoft Bot Framework and Exchange’s Connector model give you ample room for customisation, it’s just as easy to add apps from other cloud providers as well, with only a couple of mouse clicks.

Invest in reliable, secure data storage

Let the right people access your business information anytime, anywhere, on any device, safely and securely, to work more productively and efficiently.

What are the advantages of Cloud Storage through Solid Systems?

Businesses are constantly changing, and their productivity toolsets need to be versatile to fit with evolving business demands. This is why Microsoft 365 is constantly updating the features that they offer to meet those evolving needs. 

At Solid Systems, we are proudly Microsoft hyper-focused. Each of our IT Pros are Microsoft specialists, which means that we’re not only able to offer quicker and more effective support for Microsoft environments, but that we can increase the adoption of Microsoft tools within your business..

Here are just a few of the features that any Microsoft 365 plan includes, and which Solid Systems can help you to take advantage of:

Easy Access To Data

Under the cloud storage system, all of your data is stored on a single, shared repository so it can easily be accessed by your remote team at any time and from anywhere in the world. Global access to secure data will help you to run your business more efficiently without any downtime.

No Data Duplication

Cloud storage solutions feature built-in version control, making it easy to sync data, and preventing data duplication. This makes collaboration among remote team members more efficient, as they will be able to work on the same documents without the need to keep track of shared files and attachments.

Secure And Compliant

Global businesses need to comply with data regulations, which often require safe and secure data storage across a number of regions. Thankfully, cloud vendors like Solid Systems offer storage solutions that cater to all geographies, ensuring that you meet the necessary compliance requirements.

Which types of Cloud Storage does Solid Systems offer?​

By now, you may have realised that cloud storage is the perfect solution to your business’ data management needs, but the journey is hardly over. There are a wide range of cloud storage solutions available to suit any company’s requirements, including their budget, volume and security considerations, as well as any regional regulations that may apply to them.

Cloud storage can be:

To accommodate these varied needs and more, you’ll find that there are three options to consider when choosing the best cloud storage solution for your business: Public, Private and Hybrid.

Public Cloud Storage

Public cloud storage is a subscription-based service where you can store data in a multi-tenant environment. Multiple businesses would be able to store their data on the same server, allowing users to access the information they need without compromising their data’s security.

Private Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage provides you with a dedicated server managed and controlled on-premises, under your own company’s firewalls. It would generally be managed by an in-house IT team; however, you could also consider vendor services to manage the dedicated server.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud storage combines the Public and Private cloud storage solutions. An organisation can choose to store their structured and sensitive data on private cloud servers, and store the remainder of their data on public cloud servers. IT professionals can integrate both storage systems for seamless data access through proper authentication methods.

Which types of Cloud Storage is right for your business?

With all of these different options available to you, it can be difficult to know what the right Cloud Storage solution would be for your needs. Each type of cloud storage platform will have advantages for different types of businesses:

Benefits of Public Cloud Storage

Because a Public cloud storage environment is shared, the costs involved are shared as well, making this option the best cloud storage solution for startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as it is the most cost effective. Transaction charges are based on a pay-as-you-go model, where you are billed according to how much storage space you use, and how often.

Benefits of Private Cloud Storage

As it is a more cost-intensive process to setup and maintain, Private cloud storage is recommended for businesses that need complete control over their data and have stringent data security, regulatory, and customisation requirements. Banks, ecommerce giants, and multinational companies mostly use private cloud storage to manage and sync their data across the various countries they operate from.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Storage

Hybrid cloud storage helps manage sudden increases in data volume through cloud bursting by storing data on external public networks. This option saves costs by eliminating the need to build an additional in-house cloud storage facility, and makes it ideal for businesses that want to keep certain data accessible at all times, while reducing overheads as a whole.

What makes Solid Systems a leading Cloud Storage Provider in South Africa and the UK?​

It’s not just that we’ve spent the past two decades helping businesses around South Africa and the world modernise their workplaces and embrace cloud solutions, though that’s certainly a contributing factor!
At Solid Systems, we understand the importance of keeping your data not just safe, but accessible by the right humans. We have seen for ourselves the impact that effectively implemented Cloud Storage solutions (and Microsoft storage solutions in particular) can have on productivity and efficiency. When we talk about elevating human connection to make a difference in people’s lives, Cloud Storage solutions are a perfect example. When you’ve got tools like Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Outlook all working in synchronisation, and allowing for more effective collaboration and communication, it makes a world of difference.
We want to see companies around the globe making better use of the Cloud Storage solutions that are available to them, and using them to grow their businesses. That is what sets us apart, and makes us a leading Cloud Storage and Managed IT Services provider.

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With our highly skilled and passionate professionals behind us, and the latest and most sophisticated tools at their disposal, we ensure that the businesses we work with are constantly evolving, and can step into the future with confidence.

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