Who we are

We like to think of ourselves as more than just another IT company. 

Sure, we are a Managed IT Services provider with a focus on helping businesses to exceed their goals with the help of technology. And of course that includes exceptional IT support.

But who we are is so much more than what we do. 

We're Human Not Robots

We have this saying at SOLID – We’re human, not robots. Our humans and yours are the heart of our business, and we never compromise when it comes to human values. Being human in a digital world is what motivates us every day, which is why we love to see the IT solutions and IT services that we provide helping companies to be more, do more and make more. We believe in elevating human connection to make a difference in people’s lives, and we find the right technologies to help them do just that.

Our Leadership Team

Daniel Avinir

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel has a love for people and an insatiable curiosity for everything tech. He believes in empowering humans to work in increasingly flexible and productive ways, and Microsoft and AI are some of the innovative solutions that are helping them do just that.

Michael Claxton

Co-Founder & COO

Michael’s calm focus makes him a natural leader, and he loves nurturing leadership qualities in others as well. But most of all, he has a deep understanding of how technology can enhance efficiency within a business, and how it can boost connection.

René Munien

Service Desk Manager

As the powerhouse behind our IT Pros, René has the kind of bubbly personality that makes everyone instantly love her, and the knowledge and experience to ensure that any problems or queries are handled effectively and efficiently, and resolved first time, every time.

Benita Sher

Finance Manager

When it comes to managing your Solid account, there’s no one more accurate than Benita. When she isn’t keeping a close eye on the Finances, Benita can be found hiking the hills and mountains around Cape Town, or with a great book in hand.

What We Do

Since 2003, Solid Systems has been enabling business by delivering leading Managed IT services both in South Africa and abroad.

We’ve helped our partners reach and exceed their goals by providing strategic technology planning, putting leading tools to use for their businesses, and offering exceptionally human IT support.

We are not your IT guy – we are a full team of IT professionals with the expertise, qualifications, certifications and experience that you need to adopt the right IT solutions, and further your business. We offer solutions like:

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Our Proven Process

Thorough & focused Systems Review

The first step to providing exceptional service is having a deep understanding of who you are, what you have, and what you need. Our SOLID Systems Review helps us set up your business for long-term success.

Detailed client & service onboarding

Our tried and tested onboarding process is designed to ensure that every tool and service that you use is rolled out efficiently, and that your humans are set up for success from the first day they join your company.

Hyper-focused on your success

We want to see you exceeding your goals by using the right technologies. This is why our dedicated Virtual CIOs provide the expert advice, ongoing engagement and valuable insights that you need to succeed.

Exceptionally human support every time

Our human approach to IT and our commitment to cultivating creative thinking see our IT pros delivering exceptional value every time., ensuring you are always supported, no matter what your needs may be.

Why We Do It

Technology can be overwhelming.

It’s constantly advancing and developing, and ensuring that your company is adopting the right solutions to meet your evolving goals and grow your business is an unending challenge, particularly for SMEs who have small IT teams, or no internal IT team at all, to manage their technology needs.

Remote IT Support

It's rare that people feel IT is adding value to their lives.

Technology should be helping your humans to work in more effective ways, to be productive, to connect to each other, to collaborate on projects. Instead, so many businesses find that their relationship with IT is all about troubleshooting and fixing problem after problem.

So we started Solid Systems.

When we started back in 2003, we saw the struggle that businesses were going through, all because they didn’t understand the technologies that they were using, and saw them more as obstacles to growth than contributing towards it. We knew that our knowledge and expertise could be helping companies around the world, not just to put tech in place, but to enhance their lives, seeing them focus their efforts on core projects instead of servers and hard drives, and giving them more time to do the things they loved with the people that meant the most to them.

This is what IT is about for us.

It’s about evolving human connection to make a difference in people’s lives, and using the technology at our fingertips to do just that. It’s about the rituals that we put in place to help us build a more human-centric work environment. It’s about creating a company culture that is all about being more, doing more, and making more with technology.
We love that our humans connect to our values, and we love that the companies that work with us see the value in our IT solutions every day. And we cannot wait to show more companies that value.

Don't take our word for it!

Frequently asked questions

How do IT companies like Solid Systems contribute to business growth and development?
We love seeing our partners succeed, not just reaching but exceeding their goals, and growing from strength to strength. Your success is our success. This is why your SOLID Virtual Chief Information Officer works with you to understand your unique challenges, and put together strategic technology plans that not only meet your current needs, but see your business developing and growing, all with the help of the right IT solutions and predictable monthly expenditure.
What kind of End-User Training does Solid Systems provide?
We want to see your business thriving, and your humans working more productively with the tools that they already have at their fingertips. This is why we ensure that every project we work on includes training in the best ways to use Microsoft 365 solutions. The boosted adoption of existing tools throughout your company will see your teams working smarter, rather than harder, doing more with their time, and focusing their efforts on furthering your business.
How does Solid Systems ensure the security of my business's data and systems?
At Solid Systems, we believe strongly in proactive security – making sure that your systems and data and protected from the start. This is why our SOLID Systems Review is such a critical part of our onboarding process, ensuring that we have a full understanding of your systems and the best ways to protect them. From there, we’re able to put tools like Mobile Device Management, Azure Information Protection, Microsoft Endpoint Discovery and Recovery, and Identity & Access Management solutions in place to ensure that your users, devices, data and your company as a whole is as protected (and as compliant) as possible.
How can an IT company assist with cloud migration and optimization?
You may not have made the shift to the cloud before, but when you work with an IT company like Solid Systems, you have vast experience behind you. We have been helping companies to adopt the latest technologies for the past two decades, and as a cloud-focused Managed IT Services provider, we know exactly what to expect when moving systems into the cloud. We also understand that every business is different and has their own unique needs from cloud services, which is why we work with you to form a strategy for cloud migration which will ensure that your operations are never interrupted, that the transition is as smooth as possible, and that you are never spending money unnecessarily.

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