Solid Systems Review

Measure your technologies against the Solid Certified Standard in line with leading benchmarks.

Your tech stack, your servers and your cloud services are the core of your business – the tools that help you to grow and succeed.

But are you leveraging them to help your business thrive? Are they secured against the wide range of threats that your company faces on a day-to-day basis? And are they adding value to your operations?

At Solid Systems, we understand the importance of implementing the right technologies (and cloud services in particular – Microsoft or otherwise) at the right time, to meet your unique needs and see you facing the challenges of the modern workplace head-on. This is why we have designed our Solid Systems Review to analyse your infrastructure, identify vulnerabilities in your technology stack, and help you to mitigate and delegate risk.

What Kinds Of Companies Need A
Solid Systems Review?

We work with companies across industries to ensure that they are implementing the right infrastructure and cloud solutions to enhance their businesses, that they are set up according to industry recognised best practices, and that they are adding value to your business.

How can you tell that Solid Systems is the technology partner for you?

I Need To Reduce IT Disruptions

You’ve invested in technologies that should be helping your business, but you keep running into the same IT problems over and over again. There is a lack of stability when it comes to your infrastructure and cloud services, and you need to get to the root cause and start focusing on your business goals without technology disruptions.

I Need To Mitigate Risk

Your business is running smoothly right now, but will that always be the case? You have a team managing your IT effectively, but what if disaster were to strike your business, or one of your key employees. Do you have the access and documentation that you need to ensure that things run smoothly, even when the worst case scenario becomes a reality?

I Need A Third Party's Expert Opinion

You may believe that your systems are in tip-top shape, but a third party like your board, your insurance company, or your IT team have asked you to perform a technology audit, ensuring that your IT solutions are the right ones to move your business forward in the best possible way.

I Need To Optimise Our Microsoft Tools

You have Microsoft tools in place, but they’re not necessarily set up in the right way, and it’s impacting your teams’ productivity and collaboration. You want a Microsoft audit and review of systems to ensure that your Microsoft solutions are adding value to your business, rather than complexity and frustration.

What Does A Solid Systems Review Involve?

We have spent the past two decades perfecting our technology review process. We have made sure that it offers maximum value to businesses, whether they choose to work with Solid Systems as their technology partner or not. We want to ensure that companies around the world are as prepared as possible when it comes to their IT systems and infrastructure, and that they are protected against the wide range of cybersecurity threats that could hamper their business operations or cause their work to grind to a halt. Our Solid Systems Review includes:

Risk Analysis

We analyse your existing systems and infrastructure and compare their security to best practices and industry standards, determining where vulnerabilities may lie.


We create a comprehensive breakdown of your core infrastructure, apps, domains, cloud services and more to help you manage your IT systems effectively.

Technology Roadmap

We work with you to understand your goals, and design a strategic roadmap to enhance your technologies and see them growing with your business.

Tech Stack Audit

We assess your technology stack against our Solid Certified Specification in line with industry-leading benchmarks, tailored to the scale and needs of your business.

Formal Report

We provide a formal report with recommendations for improvements that can be made to reach our industry-aligned SOLID certified standards.


We present the findings of your Solid Systems Review, answering questions and ensuring that our recommendations are in line with your unique needs.

Are All Solid Systems Reviews The Same?


  • Basic Security Review
  • Email Security Review
  • Backup Review
  • Formal Report & Presentation
  • Actionable IT Roadmap


  • E-mail Security Review
  • Enhanced Security Review
  • Backup Review
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Core Infrastructure Review
  • Comprehensive IT Documentation
  • Formal Report & Presentation
  • Actionable IT Roadmap

Book a Systems Review Discovery with Daniel & Samantha to discuss your needs and pricing.

Are you ready to take an in-depth look at your technologies?

Do you want to work with a strategic technology partner to ensure that your IT is providing maximum value to your business?

Do you want to make sure that your systems are as secure as possible, and that you’re prepared for the work case scenario when it comes to Disaster Recovery Planning?

The first step in starting your Solid Systems Review is getting a better understanding of your unique needs and goals. Book a 30 minute Systems Review Discovery sessionwith Daniel or Samantha where we can:
  • Learn more about you and your business
  • Learn about your technology pains and challenges
  • Discuss the deliverables from a Solid Systems Review
  • Establish if and where we can add the most value in your business

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