We're human not robots

We never compromise when it comes to human values.
Our honest, truly personal approach to service and our leading IT
solutions will enable our partners to step into the future, confidently.

Daniel Avinir

Technical Director and Founder

Daniel heads up the Solid Systems technical team. He’s always had an insatiable curiosity for everything tech, but his real passion lies in the convergence of technology and business and the major impact it has on today’s landscape.

His clear understanding of evolving technology and his honest and personal approach to problem solving has made him a well-respected leader in the industry.

Outside the office, Daniel enjoys a well-balanced lifestyle and spends his time surrounded by nature.

Michael Claxton

Managing Director and Founder

Michael is one of those rare individuals that understand the true meaning of customer service. He knows that his customers and partners are his most valued assets and his calm focus has made him a natural leader both in and out the office.

Amongst his many skills, his ability to spot talent and nurture leadership qualities have made him a firm favourite amongst the staff at Solid Systems.

When Michael is not honing his skills, you’ll find him navigating his way down the slopes on his mountain bike.

We're business enablers

Since 2003, Solid Systems has been enabling business by delivering leading technology
solutions both in South Africa and abroad. We’ve helped our partners perform at their best by
using leading tools and hiring only the best people.
Put our passion to the test and let us help you.

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