Why You Should Choose a Microsoft Gold Partner as Your IT Service Provider

Benefits of Choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner

Whether you’re a big corporation or a small start-up, choosing the right service provider for your business never feels like an easy task. There are seemingly endless criteria to consider, and even when you break it down to just 10 considerations, it can still seem like a daunting prospect.

But when your business makes use of Microsoft solutions – whether it’s Windows machines, Microsoft 365, Azure cloud services, or all of the above – your provider’s Microsoft Partnership status is one of the biggest factors that you should prioritise.

Here are just 5 benefits of choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner as your service provider:

  1. You’re Dealing with Experts
    When you work with a Microsoft Gold Partner, you aren’t just working with IT professionals who are experts in their fields. Their biggest field of expertise is the very product that’s at the core of your business.

    Every time that you contact your service provider, you’ll be dealing with an IT pro who is exceptionally qualified, with numerous Microsoft certifications under their belt. This makes them the perfect pros to consult on both Microsoft and general issues that you may experience.

  2. They’re Immediately Trustworthy
    Having a Gold Partner status means that a service provider is trusted by Microsoft. And if they’re trusted by one of the biggest companies in the world, it’s a safe bet that you can trust them as well. 

    Microsoft Gold Partnerships aren’t just awarded to any service provider. They are reserved for those who have been in business for a long while, and who excel at offering not only excellent advice and expertise for Microsoft products, but exceptional customer service as well.

  3. They Highlight Value in Microsoft Solutions
    Because Microsoft Gold Partners have vast experience in using and maintaining Microsoft solutions, they are in the best possible position to help your business find the most value from your Microsoft services.

    So many companies pay for the full Microsoft 365 suite, but only use Word, Excel and maybe Outlook. But there is so much more value to be found from 365! Microsoft Gold Partners work with companies to understand their goals and highlight ways that their existing Microsoft solutions can be used to facilitate growth. They offer training to employees and find ways to encourage adoption and see businesses not just succeed, but excel.

  4. You Can Access Exclusive Products
    When Microsoft releases new products, like their Surface devices for example, the first people that they turn to are their Gold Partners. 

    A Microsoft Gold Partner will not only be able to advise you on the best possible solutions and devices, but will often have exclusive access to new Microsoft products. They’ll even be able to offer special rates for them. While individual Surface devices may be available at retailers, for example, Gold Partners are able to provide these devices to companies in bulk, and aid in their distribution and maintenance.

  5. They Offer Discounted Rates
    One of the benefits of being a Microsoft Gold Partner is that a service provider gets special rates for products, services and licenses. This discount could be used to increase profit, but when you find the right Gold Partner, it will be a service provider who takes this special rate and passes the saving on to their clients.

Not all service providers are the right fit for your business. But when you use Microsoft products, finding a Microsoft Gold Partner is essential for ensuring that you are putting your existing solutions to the best use. 

Finding the right Gold Partner is just as important – you want a provider who is going to work with you, and see you reaching, and exceeding your goals. Solid Systems is a Microsoft Gold Partner who has over 18 years of experience in helping businesses to step into the future with confidence. Contact us today to find out how we could be helping you. 

Daniel Avinir

Daniel Avinir

Head of Client Success at Solid Systems | Virtual CIO I have a love and passion for people, their minds, technology, and nature.I believe in empowering people to work in increasingly flexible and productive ways, helping them unlock the collaboration potential and leading the cultural & technological change of our time.

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