Fast Learning One Drive Protect & Microsoft’s Multi-Factor Authentication

Learn to keep your data secure in the cloud

It can seem counter-intuitive, but uploading your data and documentation into the cloud is the safest way to store it! We look at how One Drive Protect and Microsoft’s Multi-Factor Authentication go hand in hand to keep your data secure.

If you are using Office 365 in some form already (like for Outlook or Word and Excel) then you are just one step away from creating a culture of collaboration and productivity that will change the way you work forever! Here is a short video you can watch to find out more:

Daniel Avinir

Daniel Avinir

Head of Client Success at Solid Systems | Virtual CIO I have a love and passion for people, their minds, technology, and nature.I believe in empowering people to work in increasingly flexible and productive ways, helping them unlock the collaboration potential and leading the cultural & technological change of our time.

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