Fast Learning Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive

Gone are the days of switching from app to app, computer to computer, all to get a single job done. Now all your documentation and all of your apps can be stored in one central hub, and your staff can have access to the tools they need thanks to SharePoint and OneDrive. We show you how.

If you are using Office 365 in some form already (like for Outlook or Word and Excel) then you are just one step away from creating a culture of collaboration and productivity that will change the way you work forever! Here is a short video you can watch to find out more:

Michael Claxton

Michael Claxton

Co-Founder and CEO of Solid Systems | I am a father of two, and a mentor of many. My calm focus makes me a natural leader, both in and out the office, and I have a unique skill in nurturing leadership qualities in others as well. But most of all, I understand the true value of time and the ways that technology can optimise efficiency within a business and see humans making the most of the time available to them, both in terms of productivity, and in terms of personal growth. 

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