Use Microsoft Viva To Create Better Work Habits

Use Microsoft Viva to Create Better Work Habits

We often talk about the ways in which Microsoft 365 helps you and your teams to be more productive and work more efficiently. But there’s one aspect of Microsoft that rarely gets talked about. Many still know it as MyAnalytics, but Microsoft rebranded the platform earlier this year to Viva Insights. And boy does it have plenty of insights to offer.

Create Better Work Habits With Viva Insights 

One of the great parts of Microsoft Viva is the way that it helps you to work more productively, more efficiently, and more mindfully. It’s filled with plenty of features that help you to understand your existing work habits, and create new ones that will see you getting more done.

  • Analyze your existing habits

Because Viva Insights integrates with your other Microsoft 365 tools such as Outlook and Teams, it pulls a huge amount of data about your existing habits, and shows them to you in a way that is easy to understand.

What is Microsoft Teams? Check out our website to find out more.

Want to find out who you collaborate with most often? Want to find out what times of the day you are busiest, or which days of the week you have the most meetings on? Microsoft Viva has all the answers you need and more.

  •  Set aside time to focus on your work 

Working remotely has plenty of benefits. But one of the downsides is that it’s very easy for your days to become filled with meetings, leaving you with no time to actually get work done. This is where Focus Time comes in handy. Focus Time is all about putting time into your schedule to focus on specific tasks. Because Microsoft Viva integrates with your calendar seamlessly, it can help you to set aside time to focus on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  •  Work without interruptions 

One of the best things about Focus Time is that you can work without distractions. In an ideal world, of course. Because if you just put time in your calendar to focus, that’s not necessarily going to stop people from messaging or emailing you. This is another area where Viva Insights can be a great help. It actually stops notifications from coming through during your Focus Time, allowing you to truly work distraction-free for the slot of time that you’ve set aside.

  •  Track your meeting habits

If you work remotely, or even if you work in a hybrid environment, chances are that your days are filled with meeting after meeting. And while platforms like Microsoft Teams and Outlook make it easy to attend and host meetings day-in and day-out, it’s even easier to fall into negative habits when it comes to accepting meeting invites, paying attention while meetings are taking place, or filling meetings with filler words like “Um”, “ah” and “like”. Microsoft Viva helps you to track these habits, correct them, and form new, positive meeting habits as well that will see meetings run more efficiently, and leave you with more time to work.

  •   Manage your tasks

Do you ever find yourself inundated with mails? You’re not alone if you do. Between spam, phishing mails, and a deluge of legitimate mails all vying for your attention, it’s easy to miss things that come through your inbox. Like that document that got shared with you three weeks ago that you didn’t need to open at the time, but that you haven’t opened since either. Or that long mail from your boss that ended with a request for more information. Thankfully, Microsoft Viva makes it easy to keep track of tasks from your Outlook inbox. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook and with platforms like Microsoft Planner and To-Do to create tasks that can easily be tracked. It also notes particular phrases, and “Can we please” or “please action” and keeps them in a tab titled “Stay connected” within Viva Insights itself.

Microsoft Viva Is About  So Much More Than Work 

There are plenty of insights that Viva offers to help you work more efficiently and effectively. But this is only part of what Microsoft Viva is all about. You see, Microsoft and Solid Systems share a common goal. We both want to enable humans to live their best lives. And this extends far beyond work. This is why, on top of helping you to work better, Viva Insights also includes tools for helping you to create better personal habits and to find a successful work-life balance.

If you want to learn more about the ways that Microsoft Viva (and other Microsoft tools) could be making your life better, keep watching our blog.

And if you’re already using Microsoft solutions and are looking to get more out of them, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – as a Microsoft Gold Partner, Solid Systems is perfectly placed to implement Microsoft solutions, and see you making the most of them through training, onboarding and more.

Michael Claxton

Michael Claxton

Co-Founder and CEO of Solid Systems | I am a father of two, and a mentor of many. My calm focus makes me a natural leader, both in and out the office, and I have a unique skill in nurturing leadership qualities in others as well. But most of all, I understand the true value of time and the ways that technology can optimise efficiency within a business and see humans making the most of the time available to them, both in terms of productivity, and in terms of personal growth. 

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