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What is Microsoft Teams?

Whether your business a small start-up, or large part of a global enterprise, communication and collaboration are key to success, and Microsoft Teams is the perfect tool for helping you to succeed.

Microsoft has been bringing office and remote workers together since November 2016 with their chat-based collaboration tool, Teams. This cloud software lets companies work together virtually, integrating conversation and Microsoft’s 365 apps and services seamlessly. This enables you to:

Create virtual teams who can chat, collaborate, and work together on documents.

Create channels for discussion and sharing of files.

Allow multiple team members to edit files and collaborate in real-time.

Share information instantly through the Chat feature, rather than relying on emails alone.

Instantly link to relevant sites, files, apps and more.

Microsoft Teams helps you stay connected

Features of Microsoft Teams

Now that you’ve learned a little more about what Microsoft Teams does, you may have an idea of why it’s currently making such a buzz around the world. But what sets it apart from its competitors like Slack, Google Drive and Dropbox?

Here are a few of its key features:

A modern hub for your team and the entire business

After installing Microsoft Teams, you’ll quickly realise how it caters to a modern way of working. It gives your teams access to all the files, conversations, and meetings they’ll need, and so much more. Teams helps you to reach colleagues and managers with ease, and allows for faster and more efficient decision-making.

Real-time collaboration

Once you dive into the Microsoft Teams online interface, you’ll experience a wide range of tools that help your staff to engage with each other in real-time. Your teams will get access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Delve, SharePoint, Planner, and Power BI, and can review, comment and edit alongside one another, with changes reflecting instantly to make the process easier for all. On top of that, you’ll have access to Microsoft’s rich productivity reporting.

Secure and convenient

Microsoft takes security seriously, which is why they’ve ensured that MS Teams’ data-in-transit remains encrypted and unable to be seen by anybody outside of your company. The software also complies with all the essential security standards, including HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and more.

Keeping everything in context

When working with team members in different offices and locations, and across a wide range of topics, it can be hard to keep track of all the information, meeting notes, conversation history and files. Microsoft Teams helps you to keep track of all this in one place, providing teams with access to exactly what they need to stay on top of a topic or task, and allowing for quick, easy and efficient decision-making.

Customisable and highly scalable

Customisation is one of the areas where Microsoft Teams excels. Your teams can tailor the software to meet their unique requirements, and the range and availability of tools means that you’ll never run out of options. While Microsoft Bot Framework and Exchange’s Connector model give you ample room for customisation, it’s just as easy to add apps from other cloud providers as well, with only a couple of mouse clicks.

Don’t let your company culture fall by the wayside!

Keep your teams communicating wherever they are in the world.

Digitally Transform your business with Microsoft Teams

As businesses look for new ways to drive innovation, they naturally look to technology.
Microsoft Teams is the perfect example of technology working to enhance your team’s ability to communicate, collaborate and be more productive. Teams brings together the tools and resources high preforming business need in a remote-working world streamlining operations to the point where you will struggle to find a reason for bringing anyone into the office.

Improve collaboration and communication with Microsoft Teams

Communication is how we connect as humans, and at its core MS Teams is a chat-based tool that focusses on improving the way people interact, helping them to work together and achieve more, giving your business a competitive edge.

Collaborate beyond your team

There’s no need for collaboration to end at your staff members. Invite outside influencers to work with you on Microsoft Teams by granting them access to existing channels, meetings and files. They’ll need nothing more than an Outlook or Gmail address to join in the discussion.

Connect in real time with threaded, persistent, and contextual chat

Not only does Teams allow your staff to bond and collaborate through group conversations, but it also provides facilities for one-on-one video meetings and conversations, and virtual events, making it a humanised digital workspace.

Connect with video calls

In this communication age, so much can get lost in translation, which is why video is more vital than ever. Seeing facial expressions, hearing tone, and even using hand gestures, can not only prevent miscommunication, but can improve the relationships between your staff members, and result in increased efficiency.

Microsoft Azure Migration

Increase productivity with availability

There are few things worse than waiting impatiently for an answer to an urgent question, only to learn that the person you asked is out of office or unavailable. With Microsoft Teams, this is a problem of the past. Presence will show you when team members are available, when they’re on a call, or when they’re offline with ease.

Being transparent allows you to lead with authenticity

No one likes to feel that they’re being left out, and in a workspace environment, the feeling of disconnection from coworkers can lead to a decrease in productivity. By using Teams for open, honest and visible communication, you can transform your company’s culture and help employees work better together.

Communicate across geographies with anyone through phone system and PBX integration

Who needs a telephone line? With Microsoft Teams, each of your staff members will be assigned dedicated phone numbers that can be used for local and international calls, and which include advanced features like voicemail, call transfers, and emergency calling.

Drive meaningful collaboration with intelligent meetings

Keep track of all your relevant documents in one place thanks to Teams’ integration with Microsoft 365’s apps. Plus, find chat histories at your fingertips thanks to cloud recording with transcription and translation, indexed for searching.

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