Technology plays a pivotal role in facilitating the diverse operations of Touchsides. Whether it involves distributing Point of Sale devices across the nation or analysing the data gathered by these devices, the seamless functioning of technology is of paramount importance for a team of over 300 staff. However, the departure of the internal IT expert, who had been overseeing their systems, left Touchsides in a challenging situation.
Technical Support and IT Manager, Sasha Barnett explains, “Our technological landscape comprises two essential facets – the technical infrastructure, networking and security aspects as well as end user desktop support. The dual requirement for a professional adept in both domains presented a formidable hiring challenge. Procuring separate individuals for each role would have necessitated at least two full-time hires.”
Beyond the recruitment dilemma, Touchsides recognised that the exit of their IT professional, meant the departure of invaluable institutional knowledge pertaining to their systems. Consequently, they sought a strategic technology partner capable of not only providing the requisite support and technical proficiency but also swiftly and effectively documenting their systems and processes. This imperative task had to be accomplished within a stringent timeframe, as the IT professional was scheduled to depart within a month.


What Sets Solid Systems Apart?


As a fully cloud-integrated business, Touchsides needs a technology partner who can help them optimise their cloud services, and Solid Systems’ focus on Microsoft’s solutions makes us the perfect fit.


One of the first steps that we take when partnering with a business is to understand their unique needs and goals. Our Solid Systems Review is the foundation for building that understanding and relationship.


Whether it’s remote support that’s available whenever you need it most, or onsite client focus sessions that see you meeting our Microsoft certified IT Pros in person, our IT support is human through and through.


“We strategically opted for an outsourced IT model to enhance our company’s operational efficiency. Subsequently, we embarked on a search for an IT service provider to collaborate with,” continues Barnett. “Upon discovering Solid Systems, we initiated a meeting with Company CEO Daniel Avinir and realised there was a good match both in terms of organisational culture and the distribution resources available for us to leverage.”

Since moving to Solid Systems, Touchsides are able to:


“Solid Systems has become our one-stop-shop for all our IT needs,” says Barnett. “We would have had to hire multiple people to get the same kind of services, and we may still not have been able to find such a range of skillsets. If there’s something that we need, there is always someone at SOLID to help with every kind of issue.”
And it’s easy to understand why when you look at the results:

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