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Your company has made the move to the cloud, and you are already reaping the benefits of Microsoft 365 – the increased productivity and efficiency, the improved collaboration and more. But what happens when an email goes missing, or when you find that you need that file that you permanently deleted this morning?

It often comes as a surprise to Microsoft 365 users that the backup and retention functionality that forms part of their Microsoft plan is not as robust as they need it to be. While your recycle bin stores files for 28 days by default, once a file has been permanently deleted, there is very little that Microsoft can do to help.

That is where Sold Systems steps in, providing backup for Microsoft 365, ensuring that your files and data are recoverable even when disaster strikes.

Why do I need Microsoft 365 Backup?

Many companies think that by using Microsoft 365 cloud services like SharePoint and OneDrive, their data is automatically backed up and secure against data disasters. Unfortunately this is not the case, and having a SharePoint backup is essential for any business. Here are just a few ways that a Microsoft Office 365 Backup solution from Solid Systems can ensure your data’s security:

Data getting deleted, either on purpose or accidentally, is a problem that everyone has faced at one point or another. Microsoft 365 Backup lets you quickly and easily restore data, even after it has been permanently removed from your recycle bin.

With POPI and GDPR regulations, data losses can cause more than just frustration. They could result in fines or penalties being incurred, on top of the loss of your clients’ trust. A backup for Microsoft 365 will ensure that your data remains secure and compliant.

Try as you may to configure retention policies so that no essential data becomes deleted, changes to policies, or lack of maintenance, can see important files being lost. SharePoint Backup solutions ensure that your essential information remains secure.

Malicious ex-employees, contractors and partners may be few and far between, but when they can access your data, the threat they pose is very real. Microsoft 365 Backup ensures that any data deletions or adjustments can quickly be rectified.

Cyber threats are ever increasing, and if an external party manages to access your data, you will want to be sure that they can’t hold it ransom. With a backup for SharePoint, you can rest assured that malware attacks won’t compromise your stored data’s security.

Making the move from traditional Microsoft apps to the cloud can sometimes see older documents no longer being supported, or getting lost along the way. Having an Office 365 SharePoint backup means that all of your data will be safe and secure during the transition.

Are your Microsoft documents safe from human error?

Invest in Microsoft 365 Backup to keep them secure.

Are your Microsoft documents safe from human error?

Invest in Microsoft 365 Backup to keep them secure.

What are the main features of Microsoft 365 Backup?

When you use a Solid Systems Microsoft 365 Backup solution, you are covered for more than just the basics. We work with companies to find backup solutions that suit their needs, and the businesses that we help have found these features of our backup for Microsoft 365 particularly useful:


Protection against data loss

Easily search for and recover important OneDrive or SharePoint files, or Exchange emails, calendars and contacts, even if they are already outside of their retention policy.

Access to former employee data

Maintain access to employees’ emails and shared documents after they’ve left your company, without needing to pay a subscription or storage fee.

Compliance support

Retain your critical data, and archive it when necessary, to ensure that it is safe, secure and compliant with regulations like POPI, GDPR and others.

Point-in-time restore

With backups being performed on mailboxes up to six times a day, and up to four times a day for OneDrive and SharePoint files, you will be able to choose the most relevant data to restore.

Data retention

You may not realise immediately that the data you need has been lost, but that’s not a problem. OneDrive and SharePoint data is stored for a year, and Exchange data is stored for seven years.

Microsoft 365 Backup - Frequently Asked Questions

What protection does a Microsoft 365 Backup solution include?

Your OneDrive and SharePoint files will be securely backed up along with your Microsoft 365 Exchange email, calendar and contact data.

Is Microsoft 365 Backup data only stored in the cloud?

We can help you with consolidated on-premises and cloud backup management to ensure that, even if disaster strikes, you will have access to your files and data as soon as possible.

How long is Microsoft 365 Backup data stored for?

OneDrive and SharePoint data are stored for a year, while Exchange data is stored for seven years.

Can I use Microsoft 365 Backup solutions together with other backup solutions for my business?

Absolutely, and we highly recommend doing so. Microsoft 365 Backup will ensure that your files are secure, while our Cloud Backup or Azure Backup solutions will ensure that all of your company’s data is safely stored and ready for recovery should disaster strike.

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