Is SaaS right for your business?

What is SAAS?

We’ve all heard the buzz around the term “SaaS solutions”. Although Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a relatively new model, it has gained immense popularity in a relatively short time. The recent Covid-19 pandemic has compelled all of us to examine our IT landscape and assess whether our businesses are really agile—whether they can adapt to the new normal easily. Now, more than ever, companies worldwide are looking for affordable and innovative technologies with excellent digital capabilities.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a cloud-based solution that enables users to access their software and information at any time and from any device provided they have an Internet connection. Software vendors own and maintain the servers, databases and the code for apps, and businesses can rent the tools they need from the vendor and make it available for use throughout their organisation. All that employees need is a web browser to access the software. 

Many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and even large organisations like Microsoft, choose SaaS solutions today as it helps them access critical software quickly at a nominal cost. How?

SaaS eliminates the need for businesses to buy and configure a server, purchase and install the (often pricey) apps that it needs to run, and support and maintain it in-house. Instead, the cloud service provider handles and controls the hardware and software requirements. In this cloud-based model, the software and the data are stored in the service providers data centres. 

Some of the best examples of SaaS are Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and similar collaborative apps.

Is my data safe when using SaaS?

One question that businesses repeatedly ask is whether SaaS solutions keep their data safe. It’s a natural concern, since you are putting your data and apps in the hands of a third party. But you can rest assured that almost all SaaS companies and service providers follow stringent data security policies. These often include access control, to ensure that your critical information is only available to the people that need it, and copies exist across multiple data centres to ensure that even if a data disaster does occur, your data will remain secure and accessible.

Is SaaS right for your business?

While many people are under the impression that SaaS solutions are best suited to larger companies, they have a wide range of advantages that make them perfect for SMEs.
Here are just a few of the key benefits of using SaaS for your business:

  1. Economical
    When it comes to SaaS offerings, your vendor becomes responsible for the IT infrastructure needed to run the service.  You won’t need to worry about the technical aspects, compatibility, maintenance, or security, and better still, you won’t need to allocate budget and resources towards it. Your SaaS vendor will take care of all of that for you as you for as long as you use the service. Plus, there are no big down-payments, up-front licence fees or huge investments – just a monthly subscription! This dramatically reduces the cost of acquiring and using new software.
  2. Accessible 
    There’s no question about it – SaaS apps and solutions are easier to access than their traditional software installation counterparts. Since SaaS apps are mostly web- or cloud-based, you’ll have access to a wide range of services on any device, anywhere in the world, without compromising on security.


  3. Scalable
    One of the best parts about choosing to use SaaS is that, as your business grows, you won’t need to change the software you use and deploy it from scratch. You will be able to scale your existing SaaS subscription to suit your future needs. SaaS solutions encompass so many features that your business may require, and you can activate new features, and even new SaaS apps whenever you want for a nominal price. You can expand your capabilities and integrate as you go.


  4. Easy to implement
    You do not need a huge team dedicated to implementing most SaaS solutions. Your service provider will help you implement it seamlessly and walk you through the process to make sure that the service you’re getting meets your business’ needs.

Should you adapt SaaS solutions or continue with on-premises?

The answer is yes. It’s a boon for SMEs looking to access software without hefty upfront fees or a colossal initial investment. If you are a SME, the benefits of deploying SaaS solutions are practically endless.  

So, what’s the next step? It’s important to choose the right service provider. Whether you are buying an automation tool for your IT team or purchasing communication software to enable seamless communication within your organisation, make sure you choose the right SaaS provider. The right SaaS platform should meet all your business security needs and shouldn’t be focused solely on selling software. Choose a provider who will fully integrate your business applications and consider your entire IT infrastructure, instead of merely providing a product or a service.

If you are still unsure if SaaS solutions are right for your company, contact Solid Systems to learn more about how SaaS can be used to boost your business.

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