Top 10 Benefits of Cloud PBX

Benefits Of Cloud PBX

What is a Cloud PBX?

A cloud PBX or virtual PBX offers a secure and reliable office phone system through an internet connection. It offers businesses with flexibility and scalability at a low cost, in addition to maintaining them. An internet PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a PBX system (Private Branch Exchange) that handles phone calls for businesses. It ensures flexibility and scalability while keeping costs low. Legacy phone systems have been replaced by IP PBX systems that communicate over the internet. This approach usually offers more sophisticated phone features and significant cost savings.

In the COVID-19 era, businesses and small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) across the globe have had to adapt to a wide range of challenges, including perfecting their remote working strategies. With digital work becoming the norm, cloud PBX has become an essential tool for keeping operations running smoothly.  

Cloud-hosted phone systems are the need of the hour and integrated communications are the way forward for businesses. 

Advantages of Cloud PBX

The advantages of using a cloud-hosted PBX are almost limitless, and even if you have a traditional PBX system in place, switching to the cloud will far exceed your business expectations. So, let’s dive into the benefits of cloud PBX, and see how it can propel your business to new heights. 

  1. Economical
    The woes of using Telkom are in the past! Businesses no longer need to worry about paying monthly line fees on top of the charges for time spent on calls. And there’s no need to pay for multiple phone lines, or to worry about a call getting cancelled because your colleague tried to dial out. Solid Systems’ cloud PBX supports unlimited concurrent calls, from unlimited devices. And when it comes to billing, you’ll be paying true per-second rates, ensuring that you only pay for the time you talk.
  2. Flexible
    Let your employees access their work phones from any device, at any time. Cloud PBX is flexible, agile, and grows with your business. Hiring new staff and need to add more extensions to the system? No problem — and no extra fees either!

    The impact of this flexibility for businesses can’t be emphasised enough. Being able to help your customers anytime, from anywhere, can only see your customer satisfaction skyrocketing!

  3. No maintenance
    With no physical equipment, when you use cloud PBX there’s no need to spend time, effort and money on maintaining your system. Plus, no matter how many users or extensions you have, you don’t need to worry about hardware or software updates. The only ‘maintenance’ that might be needed is making sure that your staff have stable Internet connections to access the cloud.

  4. Secure
    When you use Solid Systems for your cloud PBX solution, you can rest assured that your calls are secure in more ways than one.
    Not only do we ensure that your system is safe from VoIP hacking and other threats, but because we use multiple servers, you can trust that even if a fault or failure is found on your phone system, you’ll stay up and running as we switch you onto a different server.

  5. Simple Setup
    Setting up your cloud PBX server is quick and easy, and keeping it updated even more so!  With an easily accessible management portal, you can add and remove users and extensions with the click of a button. Plus, the system is so easy to use that almost no training is needed, meaning that your staff can be up and running in no time without the need for wasting precious resources.

  6. Keep Your Business Up and Running
    When your business uses traditional phone lines or PBX systems, there are so many external factors to worry about — damage to copper lines, power outages, vandalism, and more. With a cloud-hosted PBX system, all you need is a stable internet connection to stay online. Even in the case of power outages, you can have your staff switch to mobile connectivity and continue without a problem.

  7. Advanced Features
    Even the most basic cloud PBX systems come with convenient and constant access to a wide range of features at no extra cost.
    You can use Conference Calling, Call Recording, Call Screening, Call Forwarding, and more to leverage the power of cloud PBX and boost productivity and efficiency. Adding and adjusting these features is quick and easy through an online portal, which is also regularly updated with the latest features and enhancements.

  8. Real-time monitoring and Reporting
    Keep track of stats and recordings of all calls and activities in real-time. This lets you monitor your staff’s performance, check user usage, and much more.  Better still, the reporting tools presents this data in a way that makes it easy to understand and engage with, thanks to visuals like pie charts and graphs.

  9. Centralised Management
    One dashboard – that’s all that businesses need to control call routing, policies, reporting, and control menus, from across the globe. This is especially helpful for businesses that have branches around the world and employees spread across different geographies.
    No matter where your employees are, or which office they’re in, they’ll all have access to the same PBX features and capabilities, increasing their efficiency and flexibility. But that’s not even the best part.
    No matter where your clients are calling from, or whichever employee they get connected to, they’ll go through a seamless process that makes them feel like they’re talking to staff in a single office. They won’t have any idea that your staff are spread around the globe – to them it will just feel like contacting a business down the road.

  10. No Physical Space (No PBX Cabinets taking space)
    While traditional PBX systems need a considerable amount of space to setup and store hardware, cloud PBX systems don’t need any space at all, since all the hardware is based off-site with your cloud service provider. Think of all the great and useful things you could be doing with that extra storage space! 

Time to Jump on the Cloud PBX Bandwagon

Now that you know all about the benefits of cloud PBX, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon and leverage this technology to boost your business’s productivity and efficiency. Contact us today.

Daniel Avinir

Daniel Avinir

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