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When we made New Year’s resolutions and set up annual business goals at the start of 2020, no one knew that the way we work, live, and operate would drastically change. The COVID-induced lockdowns forced businesses to adapt and adopt innovative technologies so that their staff could work remotely without disruptions.  

COVID-19 has impacted almost every business around the world. Organisations quickly adapted to the “New Normal” and made necessary arrangements to work remotely during the initial days of the lockdown. IT teams worked relentlessly to ensure uninterrupted, smooth and seamless operations. Though it was tough at first to make sure that employees had the resources they needed to work outside of an office environment, businesses quickly discovered the benefits that remote work offers once their workforces had settled into the new routine. Concerns that working from home would lead to distraction and projects being managed less effectively were dismissed as the realisation dawned that employees are often more productive when working remotely, and the overhead costs of maintaining a physical workplace are not as high, or as necessary, as they once were. 

While working remotely can see productivity being boosted and costs decreasing, it’s not without its challenges. For your teams to remain effective and productive, employees need robust connectivity, flexibility, easy-to-access IT tools, and reliable devices.  At Solid Systems we understand the frustrations that can be involved in making the switch to remote work, and appreciate the crucial role that technology plays in allowing employees to work efficiently, from wherever they are, during this pandemic. We’re also extremely proud to see so many organisations embracing these challenges and putting their people and company cultures first. We’re here to help make the transition as easy and smooth as possible, to help you thrive in this remote working world.  

Remote Workforce Solutions Offered by Solid Systems

Solid Systems has redefined work-from-home solutions. We help businesses to empower their workforces and migrate their data to the cloud. We develop customised end-to-end remote working solutions that suit companies’ unique needs, and allow their remote employees to operate efficiently from wherever they are in the world and whatever device they may be using, without any negative impact on their productivity. 

Some of the benefits of our remote workforce solutions include:

Our cloud solutions help employees meet and collaborate from wherever they are and whichever device they’re using. Help your teams to work together in real-time, co-author documents, check version history, and share resources thanks to Microsoft Office 365. The workflow is seamless.

Employees don’t have to be at their desks to be productive. They can attend meetings, access the resources that they need and work efficiently together from anywhere in the world. Downtime between projects and waiting for co-workers becomes a problem of the past, and staff productivity skyrockets, which will, in turn, increase workplace productivity. 

Maintain a great company culture by helping your teams to connect and work with colleagues across your business virtually. Microsoft Teams provides a perfect platform for video conferencing, chatting, and helping your employees to stay engaged with both your company, and each other. 

Security is a natural concern when you’re migrating your data and employees to the cloud. With our remote workforce solution, you can rest assured that your data’s safety will never be compromised. Ensure that the right people have access to the information and applications that they need with Azure Active Directory (AAD), and provide the best virtual experience to your employees in the most secure and industry compliant way.  

Our remote working solutions include Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Services for Remote Productivity, Remote Worker Solutions, Employee Productivity Tracking, and more. 

Give your teams the flexibility that they need to work from wherever they are. 

Boost productivity – embrace remote working today.

Give your teams the flexibility that they need to work from wherever they are.

Boost productivity - embrace remote working today.

Benefits of Remote Working

While many companies are still finetuning their remote working processes, trying to make sure that their employees are well equipped and comfortable working from home, there is no doubt that working remotely has its benefits. These include:


Commuting to work and attending physical meetings is a thing of the past. Work can now be done wherever you are, whether it’s at the office,  from the comfort of your own home, in coworking spaces, or even while travelling.  

Personalised tools

When it comes to remote working tools, a “one size fits all” approach does not work. Each business, each department, and each individual will find that different, personalised applications help them to work effectively, and our work-from-home solutions are designed to provide all of the tools that they may need. disaster strike, helping your business to grow continually.

Increase in productivity

The myth that remote working makes employees lazy and reduces productivity and efficiency is just that: a myth. In reality, remote working has increased employee productivity and efficiency, as employees can choose to work during hours they know that they can be most productive in. Without any workplace distractions, and commuting time restraints, employees can dedicate more time and be more efficient in completing tasks assigned to them while working remotely. 

Lower stress

While working from home during the pandemic has certainly helped to reduce the fear of  being exposed to COVID-19, that’s not where its stress-reduction benefits end. Working remotely allows for flexible hours when problems arise, less commute stress, and better work-life balance. 

How Solid Systems can help you transform your Remote Work experience

While switching to a remote working solution may not sound like a walk in the park, we are waiting in the wings to make your migration as simple as possible. We can help: 

cloud-storage (1)

Migrate your critical business data to the cloud using Microsoft Azure with controlled security and identity management.


Implement, adapt, and make the most of Microsoft 365, and help your workforce to collaborate better using Microsoft Outlook and Teams.


Educate you about the Microsoft productivity insights features, which will help you analyse how your employees use their time.


Secure your business data with Azure Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention Policies.

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As a Microsoft Gold Certified organisation, Solid Systems is perfectly placed to help you with the right remote working solution for your business. We’re just a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Since 2003, we have specialised in delivering leading technology solutions and offering guidance to organisations in South Africa and abroad, in the most human way possible.  

We love technology and the exciting ways that it evolves, and are constantly improving the tools that we use. But humans are at the heart of our business. That’s why we value each relationship and prioritise a personal approach, finding solutions that deliver results for your company in the best way possible.  

With our highly skilled and passionate professionals behind us, and the latest and most sophisticated tools at their disposal, we ensure that the businesses we work with are constantly evolving, and can step into the future with confidence. 

Embrace Remote Work

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