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For BEE Analyst, the importance of data protection cannot be underestimated. Working with companies around South Africa to analyse and boost their Black Economic Empowerment rating, the business deals with critical data on a daily basis.

“Our consultants are working with highly sensitive information, and we need to be able to prove to our assets, our investors, that we’ve done everything in our power to secure the information,” explains Director, Annalize Visser.

But as a company that has been in business for many years, they were working with legacy systems that needed to be replaced to ensure the security of their data. “One of the main objectives when we approached Solid Systems was getting off-premises,” says Rudolf Kruger, the company’s Senior IT and Project Manager. And that was only the beginning – BEE Analyst also saw the value in adopting Microsoft 365 tools like SharePoint and Microsoft Teams throughout the company – a task which came with it’s own unique challenges.

“Myself and some of my colleagues are fossils, and fossils don’t change easily,” laughs Annelize. “We’re used to talking to each other via emails, and now all of a sudden you’re introduced to a new chat platform like Microsoft Teams and people aren’t used to it.”

“New systems are different to get used to, like all things in life,” Annalize continues. “When you get into a new marriage, it takes seven years to become accustomed to each other. Some things you like, some things you don’t, but you get used to the things that you don’t because you recognise the value behind the whole.”

What Sets Solid Systems Apart?


With data security being BEE Analysts’s first priority, they needed to find a technology partner who could implement world-class security technologies to protect their data throughout their cloud migration.


One of the first steps that we take when partnering with a business is understanding needs and goals, which saw us implementing thorough training as part of the adoption of BEE Analyst’s Microsoft services.


Our Microsoft certified IT Pros have a wide range of knowledge and skillsets that provide our clients with the expertise that they need to adopt technologies in the right way throughout their business.


One of the core focuses when BEE Analyst started working with Solid Systems was not only migrating their critical data into the cloud, making it securely accessible to the right people, but helping them to understand the value behind the tools themselves. This is where SOLID’s training sessions with Microsoft certified professionals was invaluable to the company.

“The targeted training, admin training, the sessions that we had with Solid Systems, those were perfect,” says Rudolf. “And we could easily do the migrations of the training that we had.” This makes it easier for BEE to continue the training of their teams as new hires are brought on board, ensuring that they have a full understanding of the company’s systems and how platforms like Microsoft SharePoint work and contribute towards the business’ security.

Since moving to Solid Systems, BEE are able to:


Since working with Solid Systems, BEE Analyst has received extensive training on a variety of tools within the Microsoft environment. With the dedication of BEE Analyst consultants, their internal IT team, and SOLID’s experienced IT Pros, their migration of critical data to the cloud has been a success, and they are now able to operate with peace of mind knowing that their data is not only secure, but also backed up and recoverable should any data disaster arise.

“The best thing about working with Solid Systems was the professionalism that stood out. The communication was on point, and the professionalism was perfect. When we needed help, we had direct technical expertise explained to us in a way that we could understand. And we had very detailed training sessions on both the user and admin sides.”

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