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Western Cape

Multiple Industries

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As a business that is involved in multiple industries in South Africa, from asset-based finance, to property, aquaculture and hospitality, IT plays a critical role in ensuring that the Saldanha Group’s operations run smoothly. “Reliable and relevant IT systems allow us to leverage our expertise to add value to both our business and our community at large,” Financial Director, Gavin Cilliers, explains. “And our IT security is paramount for good governance and legal reasons.”

But with businesses that are spread across the country, often in outlying areas, and with the size of their operations, the Saldanha Group has found that having dedicated IT resources within their business doesn’t provide them with the manpower or the full range of expertise that they need.

This is why they work with Solid Systems as their technology partner, making use of our managed IT services to enhance their operations and further their success.

What Sets Solid Systems Apart?


The human side of IT is often ignored, but at Solid Systems we believe in being human, not robots, in understanding the needs behind every request, and in finding the right solutions, first time, every time.


Our Microsoft certified IT Pros have a wide range of knowledge and skillsets that provide our clients with the expertise that they need to adopt technologies in the right way throughout their business.


When you work with Solid Systems, you can trust that any IT concerns, projects, and tickets are followed through from beginning to end, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on your core operations.


“With an ever-changing IT ecosystem, you need to balance innovation with stability,” Gavin explains. The Saldanha Group has found that it’s not enough to simply implement new technologies, but is critical to maintain and evolve their existing IT solutions with the help of strategic planning. And this is precisely where Solid Systems thrives.

“Solid Systems fills a much-needed role in our organisation,” Gavin continues. “They ensure we are up to date with the latest technology, while still ensuring our systems are reliable and consistent.”

The perfect example of this optimisation of technologies is the recent IT project that Solid Systems managed at the Saldanha Hotel, one of the Saldanha Group’s hospitality businesses.

“Our Wi-Fi infrastructure was dated and consistently rated as the worst aspect of the hotel in our guest satisfaction surveys,” says Gavin. “Solid Systems identified the best supplier of equipment and best contractors to assist us and managed the project start to finish, updating our system approximately 13 years. The new system is now receiving top scores in our guest satisfaction surveys, which is no small achievement.”

Since moving to Solid Systems, the Saldanha Group have been able to:


“Solid Systems is an important part of our business, and we consider them a partner in the success of our operations,” says Gavin. “The Wi-Fi project at the Saldanha Bay Hotel, for example, has allowed us more functionality for the business and has saved us money in other areas around refurbishing and administration.”

And what is it that sets Solid Systems apart from other IT companies in Gavin’s mind?

“Solid Systems brings a personal touch to a very impersonal field. They are accessible and able to troubleshoot issues by using their in-house expertise and having access to the relevant resources where required. Their systems and processes allow us to have confidence in correctly addressing any IT concerns and ensuring any projects or tickets are followed through all their way to satisfactory conclusion.”

And the results that they have seen since working with Solid Systems speak for themselves:

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