Managed IT Services

Helping you strategically align technologies to exceed their goals

Spend time on the aspects of your business that matter most, and boost your internal teams with hands-on strategic and operational support from certified professionals.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services help businesses assign their IT needs to an external partner who specialises in all things relating to the digital domain, allowing them to focus on the running of their company

As a managed IT service provider, Solid Systems have spent the past two decades carefully analysing of the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our team is proficient in providing managed IT service in South Africa and beyond, and we understand, and are well equipped to manage, the technical challenges that you may face.

As a strategic technology partner we:

What kind of companies need Managed IT Services?

Scenario: As the CEO of a fast-growing technology startup, you and your executive team are frustrated.

Your Information Technology (IT) department is busy all the time fighting internal fires. They put in long hours only to keep a cumbersome system up and running, but the small team does not have the bandwidth to update themselves with the latest trends for improved efficiency. This has led them to become unresponsive, and their management team to become frustrated with them.

Sound familiar? If it does, then you may need to consider partnering with an IT management service provider.

What makes Solid Systems different from other IT Support companies?

We're Human
Not Robots

We’re focused on the human side of our business and yours. This means that we don’t just fix issues. We find lasting and meaningful solutions that have a real impact on you, your business and your teams.

Maximising Value At Every Step

We ensure that you get maximum ROI for every solution that you put in place. That’s why our role doesn’t end with implementation. We continue to add value through training, adoption and more.

Planning For
The Future

Our strategic technology plans ensure that you never spend money on tech that doesn't have a measurable business outcome, and that the money you do spend on technology is as predictable as possible.

Navigating The Modern Workplace

The way we work is changing. You need a partner who specialises in providing solutions for you and your teams to work effectively in a remote, hybrid or in-office environment. We are that perfect partner.

What are the Managed IT Solutions offered by Solid Systems?

When you choose to work with Solid Systems, it’s more than just another IT company in South Africa that you have to deal with. We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with the businesses that we work with, and we’re as invested as our clients are in helping their companies to step into the future confident in their technologies. After all, if our clients lose out, we do too!

We offer a wide range of managed IT services that cater to businesses large and small. Here are just a few:

Strategic Technology Planning

Our Client Success Managers and virtual Chief Information Officers (CIOs) develop technology roadmaps, assist in creating and maintaining a budget, and help you work towards your business goals.


We ensure that your IT investment positively impacts your business growth. Every step that we take is keeping your organisation’s goals in mind. Our team analyses your business model and your needs, pinpoint the operations that will impact you most, and spend time developing them.

Microsoft Hyper-Focused

We are more than just a Microsoft Gold Partner. Each of our IT Pros are Microsoft specialists, with certifications that span the range of Microsoft cloud and productivity platforms.


This makes us the ideal partner for businesses that are ready to adopt Microsoft services, or already have Microsoft solutions in place. We ensure that you are putting your Microsoft tools to their best possible use and optimising efficiency through Microsoft services throughout your company – from Microsoft 365, to Azure, to Surface Devices and beyond.

IT Support for End Users With Our Service Desk

We are renowned for our excellent and human customer service, and our IT Helpdesk is the perfect example of this. Our certified IT Pros are always waiting in the wings to give your business the support you need


Our Solid IT HelpDesk handles a large volume of incidents in a highly coordinated environment. We look to systematically eradicate the root causes of issues, instead of providing a temporary fix.

Not only will you have a single point of contact for addressing specific concerns and issues, but you’ll also have access to your own portal for submitting, monitoring and managing support tickets.

Proactive IT Support for Servers and Network Infrastructure

The demands of modern businesses mean that you need to be up and running at all times, ready to meet your customers’ needs. We make sure that your systems are running at peak performance, and maximise uptime.


We proactively monitor the servers of IT systems to detect potential system failures before they occur, and any resource utilisation issues that might creep in.


A handpicked team of experts forms our Solid Systems Network Operations Centre (NOC), which works 24/7 to keep an eye on your network. They provide immediate solutions to tiny issues, ensuring that they don’t affect the entire system, and keeps downtime to a minimum.


Our proactive support sees failures and downtime reduced by 30% on average, while our fully managed programme ensures utmost network reliability.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Modern businesses require effective data backup & disaster recovery solutions. Implementing a layered security strategy is a necessity, as it provides an additional buffer against data breaches. This not only reduces the chance of data loss, but also safeguards the system against ransomware attacks.

Email Security, Cyber Security and Risk Management

Cyber security is of prime importance in this day and age, and every business must lay down clear rules to ensure optimum safety. Deploying an efficient IT Management Service to undertake constant monitoring, testing, and updates, ensures that your business gets maximum security against any modern cyber threat.


Your safety is one of our top priorities. This is why we offer holistic security solutions across devices, networks, cloud and email services, keeping you and your teams safe in all of your online business transactions.

Cloud Management

Whether your systems are on-premises in your offices or cloud based, we ensure that all of your infrastructure is fully managed, maintained, updated and protected. Our IT Pros are trained in looking after your systems including Office 365 and Azure solutions, your servers and storage, and your network, firewall and Wi-Fi management and configuration.

Our SOLID Remarkable Promise

There’s no need to worry about wordy contracts or unnecessary obligations. We offer a convenient month-to-month subscription model at a fixed monthly rate, and with maximum transparency.


In fact, if you are not happy with our service during the first three months, we will give you a 100% refund on your managed services fees to date.

Don't wait for an IT disaster to strike.

Plan ahead and become proactive when it comes to your technologies. Turn to the experts to manage all your IT needs and see your business exceeding your goals.

What are the Risks of Not Using Managed IT Services?

While managing services in-house always seems like an ideal solution, hiring dedicated teams to supervise day-to-day operations and resolve issues immediately is a costly endeavour. And cost is just one risk associated with not making use of managed IT services:

A Reactive Mindset

Tme and resource constraints often see recurring problems patched with temporary fixes, and your team becoming reactive rather than focussing on enhancements.

Little Or No Documentation

There is no time to document your existing IT systems, configurations and settings, leading to few people having an understanding of how they work.

Struggling To Keep Up

Feedback takes a backseat to problem solving, leading to frustration from management, and less confidence that the team’ can keep up with business plans and goals

Unexpected Expenses

Without a clear IT roadmap and an accurate budget, every development comes as a surprise, and small hiccups become big problems, impacting productivity.

Retaining Experts

With small, dedicated IT teams, the impact of losing a team member can have an effect on morale on top of the cost and effort of retraining new staff.

Why choose Solid Systems?

Looking for Managed IT Service experts in Johannesburg or Cape Town? We’ve been providing both large and small businesses with reliable IT and helping them to exceed their goals for over 18 years. We are dedicated to keeping our IT Pros upskilled and knowledgeable in everything technology related, ensuring that our teams are always ready to help, whatever the situation may be. When you partner with Solid Systems, you’re investing in more than just another IT specialist. We help you to prioritise growth, meet your business goals, and step confidently into the future.

Consult An IT Expert


As a Microsoft Gold Certified organisation, we are perfectly placed to help with your Managed IT Services. We’re just a click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Since 2003, Solid Systems have specialised in delivering leading technology solutions and offering guidance to organisations in South Africa and abroad, in the most human way possible.

We love technology and the exciting ways that it evolves, and are constantly improving the tools that we use. But humans are at the heart of our business. That’s why we value each relationship and prioritise a personal approach, finding solutions that deliver results for your company.

With our highly skilled and passionate professionals behind us, and the latest and most sophisticated tools at their disposal, we ensure that the businesses we work with are constantly evolving, and can step into the future with confidence.

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