Technology For Humans: Priorities For The Year To Come

2024 is well underway! It’s hard to believe that we’re already almost halfway through January. But, as we settle back into our daily routines, it’s important to remember that another year-end is just around the corner.

The end of February ushers in the end of the financial year, which makes the coming weeks the perfect opportunity to plan ahead for the year to come. But what is it that you should be thinking about when it comes to technology? This month, we delve into those critical steps that you should be taking when it comes to planning your IT budget, securing your business and your users against cybersecurity threats, and focusing in on building and growing your company culture.

What Should Businesses Priorities Be In 2024?

Aidan says

Less is more! Focus your time where it really matters. There’s no need to write up a ten paragraph email when a two-line summary would get to the point quicker. And you can always attach the data and reports that back it up. It’ll save you precious time in the long-run.

Debbie says

Focus on getting the basics right. Look at your core business processes. Are they currently serving your business goals and direction? Are they helping you to grow, or are they holding you back? If it’s the latter, reolok at them and realign your processes to get back to the basics

Daniel says

Your job is not going to be replaced by an AI, your job will, however, likely be replaced by a person who knows how to use AI. I believe it’s crucial that knowledge workers get comfortable with using AI tools and learn the basics of prompt engineering to avoid falling behind.

Where Should You Focus Your Efforts In 2024?

Technologies advance so quickly that it’s important for a business to review their IT systems on a regular basis in an IT audit. This will make sure that you’re using the right solutions for your needs, that they’re fully protected, and help you plan for the future.

Laptops and PCs are only designed to last so long. Don’t wait for them to start malfunctioning. Start thinking ahead with a Device Replacement Plan that will help you to prioritise hardware that is reaching end-of-life and see you replacing them before they break down.

Protecting your business has never been more important. Thankfully, there are plenty of techniques that you can put in place to make sure your data is protected, you’re maximising continuity, and your teams know how to recognise and respond to attacks.

Your company culture is the core of who you are and why you do what you do. It’s what drives your humans to success and sees them wanting to give it their all every day. Let 2024 be the year that sees you strengthening your culture.

Did You Know?

A ticket sent to Solid Systems is received and triaged within 12 minutes.

Triaging consists of reviewing the ticket, editing it according to the nature of the problem or request, and setting the priority based on the impact on you or your business. The ticket is then dispatched to the IT Pro who will best resolve the problem.

All tickets are responded to within your Service Level Agreement.

Daniel Avinir

Daniel Avinir

Head of Client Success at Solid Systems | Virtual CIO I have a love and passion for people, their minds, technology, and nature.I believe in empowering people to work in increasingly flexible and productive ways, helping them unlock the collaboration potential and leading the cultural & technological change of our time.

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