Device Security And Anti-Virus

Whether we like it or not, every business is vulnerable to a host of internet security and privacy threats and risks: these threats and risks keep growing as we get more and more connected.

Keeping your business protected needs more than just off-the-shelf software. We take your protection very seriously, and our service is here to ensure you have it in full.

Our Managed Anti-virus Solution delivers enterprise-class protection. It is maintained 24/7 by our Network Operations Center (NOC), meaning we are always on top of any security or privacy threat. You can be fully confident that your business is secure while you, by having less downtime, are saving money.

Key features of our Managed Anti-virus Solution:

• Monitoring and management of security is proactive and comprehensive
• All software updates and deployment are centralized, meaning 100% coverage and consistency
• Management processes are automated: errors are eliminated and costs are reduced
• Solid System’s expert IT skills are leveraged

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