Onboarding FAQs

Whether you’ve got a new team member coming in, a new device that needs to be setup, or even an existing employee switching roles, you want to make sure that they have the right tools, permissions and licenses to succeed. This is where our onboarding and setup solutions come in.


What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is all about making sure that your team members and devices are set up in the right way. This can include giving your new hires the access and resources that they need, and making sure that your devices have all the right apps installed, all while ensuring that your data and network stay secure.


What value does onboarding add to my company?

There are three areas where onboarding is critical to business success:

  • Accessibility – You want to make sure that the right people have access to the information that they need, no matter where they may be working from.
  • Productivity – Any time spent searching for the right files, requesting and waiting for access, or trying to find and install the right tools to do a job, is time wasted. You want your teams to be as productive as possible and focused on your core business.
  • Security – Cybersecurity is essential in this digital age, and making sure that your network and resources are restricted to only those who need access to them is a critical part of securing your business against cyber threats.


Solid Systems’ systematic approach to onboarding means you can rest assured that the right resources are accessible to the right people, that your teams have all the tools they need to succeed at their fingertips, and that your data and company remain secure against an ever-increasing number of threats.


What types of onboarding does Solid Systems offer?

Our onboarding is broken up into three different categories, and you can choose to take advantage of one or all of them depending on your unique needs:

  • New User Onboarding gives your new humans the identity, permissions and access that they need, including a company address and a Microsoft 365 license.
  • Device Setup ensures that every new laptop or computer that your company acquires is set up in the right way, secured against threats, and has all of the tools and apps for your humans to work productively and efficiently.
  • Advanced or Onsite Support covers printer and VPN setups, backups, restoring, and third-party app installation, all of which ensure that your data and apps are working perfectly.


Is onboarding included as part of my Solid Unlimited contract?

No. At Solid, onboarding is separate from our Managed IT Services.

The in-depth approach that we take to onboarding your users and devices, and making sure that they’re set up for success takes time. Including this as part and parcel of our Solid Unlimited service is simply uneconomical.


Can I onboard my own users and devices?

Yes… But we wouldn’t recommend it.

There is a lot of intricate detail involved in bringing on a new employee or a new device. We’ve seen it time and time again that companies will try to take the job of onboarding on themselves, only to realise later down the line that there are critical steps they’ve missed. The results vary from delays in new hires starting, to team members not having access to the files they need, to them having too much access or compromising the company’s security.

If you are thinking of taking on the task of onboarding on your own, please do reach out to us. At the very least, we can give you some pointers for the mammoth task that lies ahead.


Can I onboard a device without onboarding a new user?

Of course! There are plenty of reasons for getting new machines, printers and laptops, and bringing a new human on board is just one of them. We require onboarding for all the devices that we manage on your company’s behalf. This ensures that they’re properly secured and managed according to best practices.

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