Logging Into Your Cloud Blue Portal

One of the great features that we offer our clients is a web portal where you can manage your Microsoft licenses. We refer to it as Cloud Blue, and you can find it here:


As soon as you joined Solid Systems, you will have received an email like this one:




It welcomes you aboard, but you may also notice that it has two attachments. Let’s look at the first one.




This Word document contains your username and password for your Cloud Blue portal. But these aren’t the only pieces of information you’ll need to log in. All of our Cloud Blue login details have two-factor authentication enabled. If you want to learn a bit more about two-factor authentication and how it keeps your business safe, you can check out this blog.

Two-factor authentication means that in order to log in successfully, you’ll need a one-time pin. This is where the second attachment comes in.



If you open the second attachment, you’ll find a QR code. You’ll need to download an app on your phone to scan this code and generate a 6-digit pin which will let you login to Cloud Blue and manage your account.

There are two authenticators that we recommend: Google Authenticator (which works on Android devices) or FreeOTP (which works on Apple devices or Android). You can find these apps in the iStore or Google Play, or you can even remotely install them on your device by visiting their Google store pages.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll be able to scan the QR code in your email attachment, and it will immediately generate a random 6-digit pin which will change every 30 seconds.

Now you’re ready to log into your Cloud Blue portal. Head to the portal link and type in your username and password. You’ll then be asked for a 6-digit pin, which you’ll get from the app you’ve installed on your phone.

And you’re in!

You might think that you’re done with the app and can uninstall it, but do keep it around – you’ll be asked for a new pin each time you log in, and now that you have it set up, it will be quick and easy to get one.

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