Recurring Service Call

The point of a recurring service call is to have the same Primary Support Engineer attend to your day-to-day needs. Having the same engineer increases efficiencies because he learns your systems, business, and end-users’ requirements. Being in your environment regularly helps him identify issues, risks, and improvements and add them to your SIP.

Recurring service calls add cost-efficiency for you. For example, fixes for four end-user problems (needing 15-20 minutes each) can be bundled into a one-hour recurring call session onsite. Instead of being billed for four help-desk tickets (a minimum of 30 minutes per session), you are billed for one hour.

Recurring service calls also create a structure for your end users and business owners within which to work on improving technology within the business. Knowing there is a set day and time for these service calls creates a clear structure for everyone.

Forty-eight business hours before each visit, your Primary Support Engineer will send you message, reminding you of his visit and requesting if he should bring or prepare anything.

For more urgent issues that cannot wait till the next recurring visit, we have a 24/7 helpdesk available, backed by your SLA response time.

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