Ticket Lifecycle

With our entire team working remotely, some even at different hours, we’ve been working hard over the past few months to improve our internal ticket lifecycle with the aim to improve client satisfaction, have the right person, with the right skillset resolve your ticket first time and improve service efficiency overall.

Here is an overview of what you can expect at each step of the process:
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1. Your request is received

It’s critical that all requests are received via an official channel
Please do not e-mail the IT Pro or even Client Success Manager directly as this will delay our response and ability to ensure consistent customer service.
For the most up to date ticket logging procedure, please click here.

2. Each ticket is reviewed

The next step in the process happens very fast!
One of our Human’s review the details of your ticket, and begin the triage process to get an understanding of the impact & severity to you or your business. We then set the right priority.

3. Your request is dispatched

The dispatcher is the conductor that will not only make sure that the right human with the right skills is assigned to resolve your request, but they will also keep their finger on the progress to make sure we’re on track for the fastest resolution!

The dispatcher schedules the different requests based on the priority and then age of the ticket.
Once your request has been assigned to an IT Pro, you will get a notification informing you of such.

4. Our IT Pro gets to work

Our IT Pros have been hired and trained to work in their unique ability… helping you with technical problems.
At this point, the IT Pro will contact you to resolve your request.

If for any reason, we’re unable to reach you, they will send you an e-mail informing you and you can reply with a suitable time to continue. The request will move back to the dispatcher until a response your received and reassigned based on the priority and age of the request.

Once the IT Pro has completed their work, they will mark the ticket as “Work Completed” which means it’s ready to be reviewed by our quality control process.

5. Quality assured & request closed

Before we mark your request as closed, we want to be sure that we’ve managed your request as best as humanly possible. For this reason, each and every ticket is reviewed by our quality control process before we mark the request complete.
Once we’re happy, you can expect a completion e-mail detailing the resolution to your request.

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