What Is Solid’s ‘Cloud’?

Forget about investing large amounts in hardware infrastructure and managing that hardware. Jump into the cloud and watch your business reach new heights.

We are vendor neutral. We evaluate all different cloud offerings so that when we make recommendations for you, it is with your unique requirements in mind. Our value? We play the advisor role you can completely trust.

Today, there is simply no better or more efficient way of doing business. Our Cloud Services offer dedicated secure servers, email management, backup, and a host of other time-saving solutions that will not only reduce your IT costs but give your business the competitive advantage.

So whether you’re looking for a hybrid option or whether your head is already in the clouds, at Solid, we’ll give you honest advice on how to help your business move forward.

Solid’s ‘Cloud’ delivers:

• Vendor neutral and customer-centric offerings
• Fast, secure and managed connectivity services
• Robust and scalable infrastructure solutions

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