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Why Will Enterprises Love OneDrive for Business?

Gone are the days when you had to save your business data across multiple devices and constantly worry about whether they could handle your storage requirements, or whether they would break down at a moment’s notice. These days, the cloud has your back, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business (ODFB) is the answer to all your business data cloud storage needs.

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft Onedrive for Business

To begin with, Microsoft’s OneDrive and OneDrive for Business offerings may sound similar, but they are not the same.

While the Microsoft OneDrive is a great solution for personal data storage needs, it lacks the workplace data security, automation, compliance, data loss prevention, and administrative controls that any business would need to protect their essential data.

This is where OneDrive for Business comes in, providing advanced features to ensure data security, simplify the business communication process, and even enhance team collaboration. Take, for example, the process of attaching a document to an email. While email security is an ever looming threat, with OneDrive for Business you can simply add a link to the document in your email, and the document’s security will not only be assured, but it will become easily accessible and sharable within your company.

Four Reasons to Choose OneDrive for Business

Many businesses assume that migrating to the cloud is a tedious process, choosing to stick with their existing data storage processes. Not only is switching to OneDrive for Business a simple process, but it can also save your teams time and improve efficiency. Here are just some of the reasons why:

Microsoft Office integration - MS OneDrive

Access files from anywhere and from any device

Imagine how much time you would save if you could access files from whichever device you were working on, wherever you were in the world. OneDrive for Business gives you access to SharePoint’s cloud-based storage system, making this dream a reality by giving each user 1 TB of storage space.

Collaborate with people inside or outside your organisation

Your Microsoft Service Account will help you give access to the people who need it, both within or outside your organisation, without compromising your data security. Better still, they’ll be able to access the files from any device thanks to apps for desktop, Android, and iOS applications, and web browser support.

Work together thanks to Microsoft Office integration

Forget the days when only one person could work on a document at a time. With OneDrive online, your teams can edit files together simultaneously across multiple devices. You can co-author documents, leave comments, review corrections, retrieve original files, and do so much more with this feature.

Find files quickly and efficiently

There are few things worse than spending hours searching for a file across multiple hard drives and devices. But those days are in the past. The Microsoft Graph Application Programming Interface allows you to find critical files quickly by recommending and compartmentalising documents based on your relationship with the sender, the type of the document, and when you last accessed it.

The cloud has your back, and Solid Systems has your 
Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage covered!

Key Features of OneDrive for Business

There are seemingly endless features to explore in OneDrive .Some of the key features that our clients love include:

Improve collaboration by moving files into user folders, while keeping a copy for yourself. This lets all users continue working from, a folder they are familiar with.

Share OneDrive files via email quickly and easily. While they will look like regular attachments, the documents will remain stored in a central location, and users will have access to changes and previous versions without needing to ask for them.

Give your users time to recover deleted files before they’re gone forever. Each user can choose a recovery period that best suits their needs, and once restored, the files go back to their original location with the same access settings as before.

Rest assured that your data is secure with advanced encryption. OneDrive for Business uses BitLocker Drive Encryption in addition to encrypting files themselves to share and save your data securely.

Regulate who has access to your data, even when it comes to Microsoft support engineers. When IT issues need to be resolved by Microsoft, you can set time limits for data access and log all activities for future audits.

Choose where you want your files to be stored, even if it’s in multiple geo-locations. This is especially useful for companies with employees spanning the world, as it can be done on a per-user basis to meet specific compliance requirements.

OneDrive is so secure, and stringent about compliancy, that it is now even available in Microsoft Office 365 US Government Plans. It adheres to all the security needs expected from a governing entity.

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As a Microsoft Gold Certified organisation, Solid Systems is perfectly placed to help you take advantage of the benefits that OneDrive for Business offers. From improving accessibility, to enhancing collaboration and ensuring data security, make the most of OneDrive’s incredible features by contacting us now.

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