Hybrid Cloud Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery made simple. When the inevitable happens, rest assured that you can quickly get back to a stable state.

Whether it comes from a technology failure, a natural disaster or just user error, Solid’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery restores business continuity in minutes.

It contains everything you need for the protection of your servers and workstations. It supports all current Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux versions and general use server products like Microsoft Exchange, SQL and SharePoint server. Even complete Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines can be protected (host-level backup). With Solid’s Cloud Backup and DR, all features are included at a simple and predictable price point.


With Solid’s Cloud Backup and DR all backup session data are securely stored in an external location. You can use our Cloud Storage Node or manage storage nodes in your own data center. Alternatively, you can set up an on-premise cache, using, for example, a NAS appliance. With access to data both on-and off-site, you can complete restores in minutes instead of hours.


Ensuring business continuity requires a fast and proven disaster recovery process. This is vital and Solid’s Cloud Backup and DR offers you:

•Bare Metal Recovery simplifies and reduces the recovery time for physical Windows systems. It can also be used for migrating an existing Windows installation to a new hardware platform.

•Virtual Disaster Recovery automates a full system restore to Hyper-V or VMware hypervisor. This option can also be used with the Continuous Virtual Disaster Recovery feature to restore each new backup session to a ‘ready to start’ virtual instance in an alternative location, including automatic testing of the restored system.


Backing up 9,000 files per second requires a unique technology that’s as fast as it is simple. Introducing True Delta Technology, perfect for low bandwidth environments. Here, we only back up changes made to the data, not the full volume. By tracking changed file blocks in between backups, Solid’s Cloud Backup and DR knows exactly what changed in selected larger files, regardless of how large a file gets. This keeps backup windows short and improves backup and recovery performance.


For businesses that fall under compliance regulations like HIPAA in the United States or similar regulations in South Africa, data archiving is required for compliance. But even if your company isn’t regulated, strong data archiving is still a best practice. A good archive means you can retrieve critical data months or years later even if you thought it was insignificant at the time.

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