Logging A Support Ticket

Logging a ticket is nothing complicated. You can log one using any one of these steps during business hours:

1. Email [email protected] (The recommended way)
2. Speak to one of our team members in person about an issue: they can log a ticket on your behalf.
3. Call the Solid Systems Help Desk on the numbers below and speaking to one of our professional humans: they can log the ticket for you.

Please include as much information as possible in order for us to properly prioritise your request and find a speedy resolution. For more information about our response times and how we prioritise tickets, click here.

For emergency technical support outside of our standard business hours, click here.

South Africa: +27 21 110 0000
United Kingdom: +44 203 150 0261

Once your ticket has been properly logged, your request will follow our ticket lifecycle process with the aim to have the right person, with the right skillset resolve your ticket first time around.

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