Common IT Support Mistakes To Avoid: Tips From The Experts

common IT support mistakes to avoid

As a business owner or manager, you know the value of having reliable IT support. From troubleshooting technical issues to keeping your network secure, having a dedicated team of experts to handle your IT needs is crucial for the smooth operation of your business.

But even businesses that have full internal IT departments make common mistakes that can cause major disruptions and headaches. That’s why we’ve decided to delve into some of the most common IT support mistakes to avoid.

What Makes Solid Systems Experts In IT Support?

For one thing, we’ve been in the business of supporting companies around South Africa and the world for over 21 years. But, more importantly, as an IT support provider and technology partner, we care about the humans within your business. We want to see the businesses that we work with thriving and leveraging their technologies to boost productivity, enhance communication, and ultimately exceed their goals.

We’ve seen it all over the years. We’ve worked with companies big and small to offer exceptionally human IT support, and we come across the same mistakes time and time again. Whether you’re managing your support internally, or are outsourcing it to an external technology partner, we want to see you avoiding these errors and getting more from your business IT support.

9 Common IT Support Mistakes To Avoid (And One Major Error Businesses Make)

Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into 9 of the common IT support mistakes to avoid as a business. And we’ve even included one major error that we’ve seen so many companies making as number 10.

1. Lack Of Proper Documentation 

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to IT support is not properly documenting their systems and processes. This can lead to confusion, delays, and even bigger problems down the line. Without clear documentation, it becomes challenging for your IT team to troubleshoot issues effectively.

To avoid this mistake, make sure that all critical information about your IT systems and processes is well-documented. This includes login credentials, network diagrams, software licenses, and any other relevant information.

Need help putting this documentation together? Learn more about our Solid Systems Review. 

2. Ignoring Cybersecurity Best Practices

In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Unfortunately, many businesses underestimate the importance of having strong cybersecurity practices in place. This can leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks, data breaches, and other security threats.

To avoid this mistake, make sure that you have a robust cybersecurity strategy in place. This includes regular software updates, strong password management, and employee training on cybersecurity best practices.

3. Keeping Outdated Software

Many businesses make the mistake of using outdated software, or delaying updates until they are absolutely critical, to save costs. But this can end up being more expensive in the long run. Outdated software is more vulnerable to security threats and can also slow down your systems, affecting productivity.

If you want to avoid making the same mistake, make sure that you regularly update your software to the latest versions. This will ensure that you have access to the latest features and security patches.

4. Failing To Regularly Backup Data

Data loss can be devastating for any business. So why is it that so many companies fail to regularly backup their data, leaving themselves vulnerable to data loss due to hardware failure, cyberattacks, and other disasters.

Making sure that you have a solid backup plan in place can help you to manage to avoid this common IT support mistake. This includes running regular backups on all critical data and storing backups offsite or in the cloud for added security.

5. Not Developing A Digital Security Strategy

Just like any other aspect of your business, your digital security also requires a well thought out strategy. Relying on ad-hoc measures or reacting to threats as they arise can lead to costly mistakes and leave you vulnerable.

To avoid this, make sure that you work with a reliable IT support company with experience in cybersecurity to develop a comprehensive digital security strategy for your business. This will help to identify potential risks and implement measures to mitigate them, protecting your business from security threats.

6. Mishandling Hardware Maintenance 

Proper hardware maintenance is crucial for the smooth functioning of your IT systems. Neglecting this aspect can lead to costly downtime and affect productivity. Many businesses make the mistake of handling hardware maintenance in-house, often without the necessary expertise or resources, leading to hardware malfunctioning. Even if your IT team does have the experience to handle hardware maintenance, do you really want them to spend their time putting out fires, when they could be focusing their efforts on furthering your business?

Proactive monitoring and maintenance is key to avoiding this kind of mistake. It can help you to understand where updates and upgrades are needing, and to plan your IT budget in advance. This is also another area where having a reliable technology partner can make all the difference. A company like Solid Systems has the necessary expertise and resources to manage and maintain your hardware efficiently, ensuring that your systems run smoothly, and that your internal teams are focusing on your core values.

7. Poor Communications With Your Teams

Effective communication is key in any business, and this holds particularly true for IT support services. Failure to communicate effectively with your teams can lead to misunderstandings, delays in resolving issues, and ultimately affect productivity. Many businesses make the mistake of not keeping their teams informed about changes or updates to their IT systems, leading to confusion and frustration.

To avoid this mistake, it is important to establish clear channels of communication. Regular meetings or status updates can help keep everyone on the same page and ensure that any changes or updates are communicated in a timely manner. And finding the right outsourced IT partner – one that you can trust, and with a focus on enhancing communication – can also help to bridge the gap between your internal teams and your technology systems.

8. Lack Of Proper Network Security 

In today’s digital landscape, cyber threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and prevalent. From data breaches to ransomware attacks, businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyber attacks. And yet, a glaring oversight for many businesses is the lack of a comprehensive network security strategy. This is especially important for those that embrace remote and hybrid working. Remote work brings a new set of challenges, including the diversification of networks and devices accessing the company’s systems. This can create potential security loopholes if not properly managed.

Without proper network security, your business is at risk of losing valuable data, facing financial loss, and damaging your reputation. It is crucial to invest in robust cybersecurity measures and regularly update them to stay ahead of potential threats. Putting together a network security strategy that includes end-to-end encryption for all remote connections, the use of secure VPNs, regular network monitoring, and timely updates and patches and help to secure you against a wide range of threats, particularly when your teams are based in offices around the world.

9. Underestimating The Importance Of Troubleshooting 

When it comes to IT support, many businesses make the mistake of thinking that they can do without troubleshooting, and the result is a lot of wasted time and resources when something inevitably goes wrong. From server crashes to software malfunctions, troubleshooting is essential in identifying and resolving issues quickly.

Having an experienced IT team behind you to troubleshoot the issues that arise can save you time, money and effort. Whether it’s an internal IT team dedicated to helping your humans with their technology troubles, or outsourced managed IT services, you want to be able to leave all your technology worries to the experts and focus on growing your business.

10. Thinking You Have To Do It All Alone

We’ve been through the 9 most common IT support mistakes to avoid. But there is one critical error that we see so many businesses making when it comes to managing their technologies. And that’s thinking that they have to support IT all on their own with an internal team.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it can be challenging to juggle everything on your own. That’s why outsourcing your IT support needs to a reliable and experienced provider like Solid Systems is a smart move. With our comprehensive IT support and services, you can rest assured that your technology is in capable hands. We give you the time and freedom to focus on what you do best – running your business, all with the peace of mind that your technology is being taken care of, that your humans are able to work as productively and efficiently as possible, and that you have a full team of experts behind you taking care of all your technical needs.

If the peace of mind that exceptionally human IT support can offer sounds like something that you need, then you should schedule a free consultation with our Sales team today. See the difference for yourself, and step confidently into the future.

Daniel Avinir

Daniel Avinir

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