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Securing your business is about so much more in this modern age than having an alarm system at your premises. You need to be securing not just your office, but your devices, emails, servers, networks and data. And when your teams are working remotely, this becomes ever more challenging, as suddenly you’re not just securing devices at a single location, but around the world.

The importance of IT security, for small business ventures, in particular, has never been more clear, but many businesses still don’t understand the purpose of, or the need for, IT security solutions.

What is IT security?

IT security is a group of cybersecurity strategies that keep computers, networks, and data safe from potential threats. It prevents hackers from gaining access to data, ensuring the data’s safety and confidentiality.

You want to ensure that your technology is accessible to those who need it but secure against unauthorised access, and this is where IT security services comes in.

Types of IT security

Because IT security is such a broad term, businesses often struggle to understand what it includes. After all, your business likely already has some form of IT security in place – whether it’s an anti-virus, password protection, or user management.

To make it easier to understand the scope of IT security, it can be broken down into four different categories that every business should consider.

Every device that is able to access your network presents a risk to your business. You need to be keeping your devices secure – from the laptops and desktops that your employees use, to their cellphones and tablets. One way to do this is by making sure that anti-virus software is installed on each device, and is regularly updated.

You want to make sure that the right people are getting access to the tools that they need, without providing access to unauthorised parties as well. This is where network security comes in. It’s all about providing access to the right people and devices. Great network security solutions will also help you to proactively stop unauthorised access by letting you know about unusual activity as it happens.

Keeping your emails secure is about more than just having a strong password. It happens all too often that confidential information is shared through unsecured emails. Training your teams in good email security practices – from encrypting sensitive data to using multi-factor authentication, to recognising suspicious links and attachments – is an essential part of any business’ IT security.

Like IT security, the term cybersecurity encompasses a wide range of security techniques and solutions that businesses can implement to secure their online operations. Most businesses will have cybersecurity needs as part of their IT security, particularly when using cloud services to host their servers, store their data, or when their remote teams need to access information through their networks.

Benefits of IT security

Almost every business will already have some aspect of IT security in place. But to ensure that your business’ data and day-to-day operations are secure, and can continue uninterrupted, you should be making your IT security in south africa a priority. This will see your business benefiting in a number of ways:

Reduce Risk

Implementing IT Security services for your business will reduce the risk of a data breach or cyberattack, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Manage Users
Manage Users

Access management forms part of IT security, and helps you to ensure that the right people have access to the tools that they need, without compromising on your company’s protection.

Train Employees

Well-trained employees are an asset to any business, and employees who are trained in IT security best practices will be well-equipped to detect threats and act in your company’s best interests.

Avoid Penalties

Breaches in IT security can result in damages that go beyond your core business. If your data is being stored insecurely, it can result in penalties under acts like the EU’s GDPR or South Africa’s POPI.

Maintain your reputation
Maintain Your Reputation

A data breach can have severe repercussions for any business, especially when it comes to their customer base. Prioritising IT security and personal data privacy will ensure that your reputation remains untarnished.

Maximise Uptime
Maximise Uptime

Having IT security measures in place can ensure that your business is well prepared for any eventuality. Even if your company does get attacked, you can ensure that your operations continue uninterrupted, reducing downtime and minimising its impact on your business.

All of this takes place in conjunction with intelligent record-keeping through automated policies, in-place management, and pre-built data connectors to strengthen your control over your data.

An alarm system only gets you so far. Keep your business safe with IT security solutions.

An alarm system only gets you so far. Keep your business safe with IT security solutions.

Who To Turn To For IT Security as a Service

It’s essential that you make IT security management a priority for your business, and finding the right partner to guide you through the process, offering, consulting and advice, is just as important. You want to be sure that you’re making the right choices for your company, and what better way to do so than turning to IT security companies that have vast expertise in the field. 

Solid Systems is an IT security provider with over 18 years of experience in helping businesses to secure their operations, and implement technologies that will see them step confidently into the future. We are perfectly placed to offer IT security consulting services and guidance in the technologies and security techniques that can have a real impact on your business.

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