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What kind of companies look for IT Consultants?

In this digital age, there are countless IT solutions available to businesses.

The big question, however, is how can a business choose the right IT solution that caters to their unique needs? Often, entrepreneurs and people in management positions consult IT experts and Technology Consultants to ensure that they are using the right technology solution for their business, and are taking advantage of all their existing technology has to offer.

More businesses than ever before, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), are turning to IT consulting services and scouting for solutions that:

Get the human advice you need

Our team of IT pros are waiting in the wings to help you meet your business goals and see you stepping confidently into the future.

What makes Solid Systems a world class IT Consulting company in South Africa?

At Solid Systems, our first step as IT consultants is to understand your business and your IT goals. We understand that every business has specific needs, and that what worked for another company may not work for you. That’s why every new relationship begins with us performing an extensive IT audit to understand your existing technologies and the IT problems that you face. Our IT pros analyse the findings and recommend technologies that will best suit your business.

When you work with Solid Systems, you can rest assured that we:

IT Security

Our audits involve analysing existing technologies and identifying potential risk factors. If we find that your system security is compromised, we will help you understand its impact, and recommend steps for improvement. Our security consulting service helps you identify, manage, and reduce IT security risks.

Ensure Return on Investment (ROI)

Our IT pros help you choose the technologies that provide maximum ROI for your business. With us, you can rest assured that your technology investments are helping you not only to achieve your business goals, but to exceed them, and ultimately make more money.

Won't Tie You Into Unnecessary Contacts

We know that the advice we provide are valuable to your company, and don’t believe in charging for a service that you don’t want or need. That’s why we don’t require a monthly commitment for our IT consulting. This is the right opportunity for you to learn and make an informed decision.

Put Our Experience To Your Advantage

With almost two decades of experience in helping companies choose the right IT solution for their needs, we have worked with businesses from all industries worldwide. Our technology consultants are highly trained, certified, and have access to the right tools to help you choose a solution confidently.

Offer A Fair Analysis Of Your IT Operations

Having an impartial and unbiased eye look over your technology can never be a bad thing. Even if we don’t detect any security risks in your IT operations, or find that you’re already using the best technology for your needs, our unbiased and fair analysis will validate your IT decisions and encourage you to continue confidently on the right path.

Instill Confidence And Give You Peace Of Mind

Our expert IT analysis will provide you with the data you need when it comes to managing your IT systems and operations. You can be confident that your IT infrastructure is secure, that your technology is helping you achieve your goals, and that you’re maximising your ROI.

What IT Consulting services does Solid Systems offer?

If you are unsure of certain IT decisions made in the past, consulting IT experts at Solid Systems can help you get a clear perspective. We are the most reputed IT services consultancy in South Africa, offering best-in-class solutions to companies worldwide.

We find that there are three crucial aspects to any business’ IT plan: strategy, digital transformation, and IT infrastructure.

Strategy Consulting

We create strategic technology roadmaps that will help you to visualise your technological journey, clearly explaining improvements that can be made to help your business achieve its goals. This strategy will help you stay confident in your technology, and ensures that you’ll be well-equipped to handle all the IT tasks of your business efficiently and securely.

Digital Transformation Consulting

We help companies to step into the future confidently, and part of this involves digitising operations and processes, ensuring data security while maximising your IT spend. We offer professional advice for moving your day-to-day operations and critical digital assets to the cloud. We can guide you in implementing the most suitable remote working tools, strategies, and solutions to ensure that your operation continues smoothly, even when disaster strikes.

IT Infrastructure

We examine your existing IT infrastructure, including all your IT hardware, software, and network components, to find out where potential risk factors may lie. We will then help you understand how your systems can be enhanced to help you achieve your business goals.

Why should you work with Solid Systems?

If you’re looking for IT consultants with decades of experience behind them, who can help you make the right technology decisions for your business, and see you be more, do more and make more through the power of technology, then you’ve come to the right place.

We see IT support as more than just troubleshooting. We want to support your business through strategic technology planning, expert advice, and IT services that make a difference to your humans and your bottom line.

Partner with Solid Systems for the best IT consulting services and enhance the performance of your systems.

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