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    Solid Systems: A Human-Centric IT Company In Durban

    Humans are at the heart of your business. With all of the advances in technology, in artificial intelligence, in automation, the humans behind your business still define who you are. They are the guiding force behind everything you do, and they are your first line of defence against a growing range of cyberthreats. At Solid Systems, we understand this completely, and our purpose is to strengthen those human connections to make a positive impact in people’s lives. This is just one part of who we are and what sets us apart as an IT company in Durban.

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    What Makes Solid Systems Different From Other IT Companies In Durban, South Africa?


    Started in 2003, we have spent more than 20 years building human-centric partnerships that ensure your business technology is secure, your operations run efficiently, and your people are supported in the most human way possible.


    We’re focused on the human side of our business and yours. This means that as an IT company in Durban, we don’t just fix issues. We find lasting and meaningful solutions that have a real impact on you, your business and your teams.


    When it comes to technology management, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We look at your unique needs and goals, create a strategic roadmap for your future technologies, and find the solutions that are going to add real value to your operations.


    ‘Good enough’ is not enough for us. Our exceptionally human IT support in Durban sees us taking extra steps to leave you feeling the value after every interaction. We don’t believe in helping you achieve your goals either - we want to see you exceed them.

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    What Durban IT Solutions Do Solid Systems Offer?

    When it comes to technology management, Solid Systems is one of the leading IT companies in Durban, South Africa. What sets us apart is our proactive and human approach to managing your technology and infrastructure. To us, IT is about more than just systems. It’s about enhancing the lives of the people who use them.

    We’ve seen first hand the impact that the right cloud services can have on a business’ productivity, efficiency and collaboration. This is why our cloud services are all about protecting your business and your users, helping you to embrace the modern workplace, and enhancing your operations through the use of the right cloud solutions.

    Protecting your business assets is a critical part of running any company in today’s modern world. This is why as an IT company in Durban, we help businesses find the right cybersecurity solutions to meet their needs, and even offer training in cybersecurity best practices to help you protect your operations, your data and your users.

    Not every company needs fully managed IT services. Sometimes there are projects and tasks that pop up that you want to consult with experts on, or want to have qualified IT Pros manage. This is where our IT Projects come in – providing you with the IT support and expert advice you need, when you need it most.

    You may already have Microsoft tools, but are your using them to their full advantage? When you work with Solid Systems, not only will you get discounted rates on your Microsoft licenses, but we can also help your teams to adopt Microsoft solutions in ways that will  improve collaboration, and enhance communication throughout your business.

    Bringing on new hires, new devices and new technologies is no simple task. Which is why we’ve put together simplified IT Onboarding solutions to increase adoption of the technologies your company uses, ensure optimal productivity and efficiency, and set your business and your humans up for success in every possible way.

    An Exceptionally Human IT Company In Durban



    At Solid Systems, our goal is enabling humans to live their best possible lives. This is the case for our humans, and for yours.

    We know that the right technology solutions can see businesses increasing productivity, improving efficiency, and ultimately making more money. For the past two decades, we have worked with companies in Cape Town, Johannesburg, and internationally to find, implement, and maintain technologies that meet their needs, exceed their expectations, and see them growing from strength to strength.

    But what truly sets us apart is our exceptionally human approach to Managed IT Services. Our highly skilled and passionate IT professionals set the bar for exceptionally human IT support, focussing on long-term solutions for your business, while our VCIOs work with you to create strategic technology plans that will see your IT growing with your company.

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      Frequently asked questions

      How can I get started with Solid Systems’ IT solutions in Durban?

      Every great partnership has to start somewhere. If you’re ready to see the difference that Solid Systems can make as your go-to IT company in Durban, then the first step is to schedule a free consultation with us. And because we’re human, this is also the perfect opportunity for us to let you know that not every company is going to be the right fit for a partnership with us. The companies that get the most value from the kind of managed IT services that we offer are those with more than 20 humans within their business, who see technology as an enabler to their operations.

      What should I consider when switching IT companies?

      If you’re looking to transition away from your existing IT company in Durban, then the chances are that something isn’t quite syncing between the two of you. It might be that they have become more reactive, rather than proactive when it comes to managing your technology and cybersecurity. It may be that you’re not getting the right kind of IT support from them. Or it may be that you’re simply not seeing the value behind the IT services that they offer any longer. Whatever the case may be, it’s important when switching IT companies to:

      • Think about the kind of technology partnership that your business needs.
      • Think about more than just your immediate needs, but your future as well.
      • Find a technology partner whose company culture is a close match for your own.
      What type of IT services should IT support companies in Durban offer?

      Most IT support companies in Durban and South Africa in general focus on troubleshooting issues. They are reactive, rather than taking a proactive approach to your technology. They are the people you turn to when things are already going wrong. But, as a human-centric IT company in Durban, we are the technology partner that helps you to strategically plan for the future, boost adoption of IT solutions throughout your company, and offer exceptionally human IT support that enhances your operations, and the lives of the people within your business.

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