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Microsoft OneNote: Your Digital Notebook for Efficient Collaboration

It can be challenging to keep track of information scattered across pen-and-paper notes, meeting recordings, and team discussions. Teams nowadays work from different locations and need more efficient collaboration tools to access and share information in real time.

To help you keep your notes in one place, and help your teams to access them anytime from anywhere, use Microsoft OneNote. It’s a feature-rich collaborative note-taking app that’s as useful on the professional front as it is on the personal one. Whether you have ideas, to-do lists, reminders, or even rough sketches, OneNote accommodates everything for you.

What is Microsoft OneNote?


Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook loaded with excellent features, such as taking notes using a stylus or finger; storing, organising and prioritising information in the form of text, images, and videos; searching for information and so much more. You can create individual notebooks in OneNote by organising notes into different folders, sections, pages, and sub-pages, and access them whenever you need to.

OneNote is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, and it automatically backs up data to the cloud. You can download OneNote 2016 for Android, iOS, macOS or Windows, and use it across various devices from mobiles and tablets, to desktops and laptops. One of the best things about using OneNote is that it facilitates information helps you share information while also protecting the privacy of your data, as only those with editing access can make changes to it.

Benefits of Microsoft OneNote

You can access the entire range of features by downloading OneNote on your device, or you can use the OneNote Web app. This app is compatible with various digital formats, allowing you to store simple text as well as multimedia documents while tracking revisions and changes.

Here are just some of the benefits of using Microsoft OneNote:

Enables Real-Time Collaboration

As OneNote is a cloud-based app, you can share OneNote notebooks with your colleagues and let them view or even edit your notes in real time. Plus, the auto-save feature of OneNote means that multiple users can work on the file at the same time! If someone accidentally deletes a note or makes an unintended change, you can quickly and easily restore a previous version from the history tab.

Helps Securely Store Information

Storing information in a OneNote digital notebook is safe and secure – no one can see or edit your notes unless you give them access, and even that’s a piece of cake! You can invite others to collaborate with you via an email and grant them the permissions that they’d need. You can also password-protect specific sections of the notebook to make them even safer from prying eyes.

Scan and Transcribe Handwritten Notes

OneNote comes with in-built handwriting recognition technology that can digitise your hand-written notes and convert them to text. This will help you share information with others in a more presentable and professional way, and make your notes searchable too so you’ll be able to quickly find those notes from last week’s meeting.

Record Audio and Video

It’s not just text that OneNote stores – you can record or add audio video notes as well. This feature comes in handy when you want to record an interview, a team discussion, a Q&A session, or a lecture. All you need to do is to use the OneNote Widget and start recording.

Integrate with Microsoft 365 Apps and Plugins

You can integrate OneNote with other Microsoft 365 apps and plugins for quick and easy sharing and collaboration. For example, syncing OneNote with Outlook will let you send an email directly from OneNote, or add information from a colleague’s email straight into your notebook.

Forget post-it notes! Pen and paper are in the past. 

Digitise your thoughts and meetings, and enhance collaboration between your teams today.

Forget post-it notes! Pen and paper are in the past. 

Digitise your thoughts and meetings, and enhance collaboration between your teams today.

Why Is OneNote Ideal for Your Business?

OneNote helps remote teams working from remote locations to collaborate effectively. It supports the sharing and access of information in real time, boosting productivity. The OneNote app can help your business in so many ways.

Here are some benefits of using OneNote online:

At its heart, OneNote is a collaborative tool. It helps you to share text, graphs, audio, and video with your team, and lets them share their feedback and input in real time.

As a Microsoft 365 product, your OneNote notebooks will automatically back up data to the cloud. Anyone with access can use OneNote to keep themselves up to date themselves with the latest information, anytime, from anywhere.

OneNote comes with built-in technology to read handwriting and convert it to digitised text. You can use this feature to scan handwritten notes, share them with your team, and even make them searchable.

OneNote data is stored in the cloud, making it accessible to your teams anywhere in the world, and at any time. They get to see recent updates highlighted since their last login, helping them to keep up with the latest changes.

If you have a remote team working on a project, you can easily start to feel out of touch with what your teams are doing. With OneNote, you can keep track of recent research and progress on the project, while allowing your teams to add their own input for enhanced collaboration.

OneNote’s history feature tracks all the changes to your notebooks, along with the users who made them. Added time stamps mean that all your notes, suggestions, instructions, and updates stay on the record, and can be accessed any time they might be needed.

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